Car Sickness in Dogs Symptoms, Causes, Remedies, Medication and Prevention

Dog car sickness

Dog car sickness comes with unattractive symptoms. A vomit soiled car is nothing to look forward to. This condition can, however, be treated at home using various medication such as Benadryl and Dramamine as well as natural remedies such as ginger and essential oils. Below we discuss various symptoms of car sickness, treatment, remedies and what to do to prevent it from happening to your dog.

Dog car Sickness

Traveling with a dog can be fun because you get to expose your canine friend to different environments and watch him get excited. A journey with a dog that is going to throw up during or after the ride can, however, be dreadful.

Dog car sickness occurs mostly in puppies. This can be attributed to the fact that the ear structures responsible for balance are not fully developed yet. As such, most dogs tend to outgrow the sickness with age. A few will suffer the condition in their adulthood though.

Additionally, car sickness can be caused by behavioral tendencies. This is whereby the dog has had bad travel experiences making them associate travel with bad emotions. Anxiety too could lead to car sickness where the dog associates travel with visits to the vets.

Dog Car Sickness Symptoms

In most cases, car sickness will be identified by vomiting. This is not the only dog car sickness symptom there is. Before it gets to vomiting, the dog will have exhibited other symptoms such as:

Dog Car Sickness Remedies – Dog Car Sickness Cure

My dog gets car sick. What can I give her? There are various ways you can help your dog stop experiencing car sickness. These are discussed below.

Build Car Tolerance

This calls for you to build your dog’s car rides tolerance. This can be done through a period of a week or two.

  • Start by getting your dog accustomed to an approaching car without having to get into it.
  • With the car engine off, spend some time relaxing inside the car. While at it you could bring in their favorite toy so they can play with it for a while.
  • Once they start getting comfortable inside the car, take short rides and gradually increase the distance.

Dog Car Sickness Medicine – Benadryl and Dramamine Tablets and Pills

If your dog fails to outgrow car sickness and does not respond to the above conditioning, you could make use of motion sickness medication. There is a variety of over the counter dog car sickness medicine available in stores such as PetSmart.

These include anti-nausea drugs and antihistamines which help eliminate symptoms such as drooling. Prescription drugs will offer sedation and reduce vomiting. The meds may come in the form of car sickness tablets or pills and include Benadryl and Dramamine. For the correct dosage and usage of these medications for car sickness, consult your veterinarian.

Dog Car Sickness Collar

In case you do not want to opt for medication, you could settle for dog collars meant to cure motion sickness. These mostly contain a mixture of herbs that have been formulated to relax and calm your dog. This helps to control the motion sickness.

Among the herbs used are lavender, chamomile, peppermint, ginger and spearmint. The blend of these helps help get rid of sickness resulting from a moving car. The mechanism used in these collars can also be employed on regular collars. Purchase a car sickness spray for dogs and spray it around the collar for the same effect.

Ginger for Dog Car Sickness

For dog car sickness, ginger can be a great natural remedy. You can give your dog ginger in various forms 30 minutes before the onset of the journey. These could be ginger biscuits, raw or in powder form. For miniature breeds, offer quarter a teaspoon and half a teaspoon for breeds under 35 pounds. Larger dogs can get up to one teaspoon of ginger to curb car sickness.

Preventing Dog Car Sickness

In addition to the above treatments for a dog with car sickness, there are some preventive measures that can be used to help reduce the chances of your dog getting sick.

Take a Break

If you notice your dog suffering car sickness, take a break for one to two weeks before resuming rides. When you do, conduct the desensitization procedure discussed above. This will create tolerance in your dog and they can travel without getting sick.

Travel on an Empty Stomach

If your dog is susceptible to motion sickness, try traveling on an empty stomach. Withhold feeding your pooch six to eight hours before the onset of your ride. Avoid feeding just before the onset of the journey and see if it helps your dog.

Make Frequent Stops

Where you are going on a long journey, stop every one or two hours. During the break, you could take some short walks or let the dog have some bathroom time. Feeding him water or ice during the stop could also help.

Offer Distraction

Get your pup some human companion to keep them distracted through play. Ensure you pack your pet’s favorite toys for this.

Roll Down the Window

Roll the windows down a bit to get rid of the queasiness. Only do this to safe extents as leaving room enough for your dog to get their head out could lead to injuries. This will help to prevent car sickness by reducing pressure inside the car. To keep your dog’s safe from a sudden rush of air, have them wear protective eyewear.

Diffuse Essential Oils in your Car

Essential oils can have a calming effect on your dog. Place a cotton ball soaked in lavender oil next to your dog. A blend of essential oils can work wonders too.

Use a Different Car

Your dog may have become accustomed to your car and may become anxious whenever traveling in it. Try and use a different car to see if it helps with the motion sickness. Settling for a more spacious car if yours has limited space can ease dog car sickness.

Where the preventive measures and remedies for dog car sickness discussed do not ease the situation, it is important to consult your veterinarian. They will assess your dog and give a diagnosis of the same. This will identify if there are other causes and offer appropriate treatment.

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