Do you Know the Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs?

 Dog Behaviors - Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs

The Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs

Did you know that there is a natural option that can improve almost immediately your dog’s digestive system and in a healthy way?

It is called Yogurt!  And today we are going to review some of the significant benefits of yogurt for dogs in this post.

Yogurt, what is it?

Yogurt comes from the fermented milk by a bacteria called Lactobacillus Acidophilus that produce lactic acid. This bacteria considered one of the “good ones,” it helps in the lactose digestion process and collaborates to keep the natural balance of the internal bacteria culture found in the digestive system as part of the native intestinal flora (Gut Flora).

Yogurt is one of the best natural calcium sources that help control or avoid some gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel movement and yeast infection. It also promotes the production of niacin and folic acid, essential nutrients in the pregnancy stage (humans and dogs).

Yogurt and the benefits for dogs:
  • The immune system is improved and enhanced.
  • Gut flora, balance control and digestion improvement of the lactose.
  • Cholesterol, it helps to control and reduce high levels of total cholesterol.
  • Yeast infection,  It helps to reduce the incidence.
  • Good source of animal protein that helps to build muscle.
  • Provides the right amount of Potassium, essential to maintain muscles and nerves healthy and to regulate fluid levels in your dog’s body.
  • The good source also of Calcium that helps to develop bone health

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Dog Behaviors - Is Yogurt Good For Dogs?
Yeast Infection and Yogurt for Dogs

Yeasts are microorganism classified along with mushrooms and molds as part of the kingdom fungi as ordinary residents in a dog’s body, and the toxins may cause some health problems like:

The best treatment for yeast infection is diet, especially an anti-yeast diet that includes mostly vegetables, meat and some dairy products.

For dogs, yogurt is highly recommended by natural and holistic veterinarians to be included in the treatment of yeast infection. Also, it helps to reduce the presence of some of the yeast infection symptoms like skin rashes and allergies and for fast relief of dogs, ears itching.

As we mentioned before, vets recommend Yogurt as a complementary option to reduce the symptoms but Yogurt cannot cure the infection, only provides temporary relief.

The reason is that the microorganism present in yogurt will only target yeast cells but is not indicated to treat the origin and cause that promotes the unbalanced yeast growing.

Dog Behaviors - Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs with Diarrhea

Diarrhea and Yogurt for Dogs

We know that diarrhea in dogs can appear for any reason and it is the most common symptom if something is wrong with your dog’s health. Also as dog owners, it is one of those problems that gets most of us worried and make us decide to schedule a visit to a vet asap.

Diarrhea is caused by different reasons: parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria in the body, etc.  Neglecting the symptoms may cause more severe consequences like the depression of the immune system and dehydration.

Veterinarians usually recommend treating diarrhea with low-fat plain yogurt, as its probiotic in nature, the microscopic organisms found in yogurt release lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide helping to inhibit or destroy the bacteria that cause diarrhea in dogs.

Dog Behaviors - What are the Benefits of Yogurt for your Dog?
Skin Problems and Yogurt for Dogs

Yogurt is a natural remedy proper to treat itchy skin, rashes, skin allergies, and hot-spots. As some of the symptoms of yeast infection are dry skin, it can be treated easily feeding your dog with some natural plain yogurt mixed in the dry food. Just remember this is not a permanent treatment but it will help to offer some relief temporally.

Teeth Problems and Yogurt for Dogs

Teeth Problems and Yogurt for Dogs

Dogs without often dental hygiene may suffer from periodontal disease. The probiotics in yogurt are good for preventing and fighting the bacteria that may lead to teeth problems in some dogs. Also, the live cultures found in Yogurt are very good for the prevention of tartar and bad breath but you need to be sure that there is not sugar, Xylitol or artificial sweetness in the yogurt. Plain yogurt is the best alternative!

Dog Behaviors - Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs with Tear Staining

Tear Staining and Yogurt for dogs

Tear staining is a common problem in senior dogs and hairy breeds like the Maltese, usually provoked by Yeast Infections. The probiotic effects of the yogurt can reduce the incidence of tear staining by giving your dog a spoon of organic plain yogurt every 12 hours (depending on the size of the dog, IE: small dogs will need only a teaspoon). Very important: DON’T put yogurt into the eyes of the dog.

Dogs with Urinary Infection and the Benefits of Yogurt
Urinary Tract Infections and yogurt for dogs

Yogurt is a very popular natural home remedy to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections in dogs. To get rid of the bladder infection quick, you need to combine a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to Organic or Natural Plain Yogurt and give it to your dog twice daily. Remember, if the infection persists for more of 24-48 hours you should take your dog to the vet.

Dog Behaviors - Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs with Ear Infection
Dogs Ear Infection and Yogurt for Dogs

Ear infection in dogs is often caused by moist, growth of yeast, wounds from scratching, antibiotics or low immune system but the most common are low immune system and moist.

Acid Acidophilus helps with the management of yeast infection. You can supplement your dog with probiotics that are veterinarian approved, or you can take the natural path giving organic plain yogurt to your dogs. Any choice will help!

If you want to provide probiotics to your dog as a supplement, there is a gluten free not GMO formula called Advance Pro Formula for Dogs endorsed by several veterinarians, manufactured by Elite Pet Nutrition and made in the USA specifically for dogs.

If you want to provide natural plain yogurt to your dog, you can give him 1-2 tea or tablespoons (depending on the size of the dog) or mixed with your dog’s dry food (This is the way we do it and our dogs love it!)

Benefits of Yogurt for Dogs with Cancer
Cancer and Yogurt for Dogs

Cancer and cancer treatments can affect the immune system directly, for faster recovery dogs need a special diet so the nutrients included can help to develop enough muscle tissue to fight cancer.

Yogurt is included in the top of the list of the recommended foods for dogs with cancer. Also, it is good with some other complications like pancreatitis, renal failure, and liver disease.

Dog Behaviors - Is Yogurt Good for Dogs?
What is The Best Yogurt for your Dog?

Plain, unflavored non-fat yogurt is the best for your dog, there is a diverse number of brands and types of plain yogurt available in the stores. What you need to check is if it contains active L. Acidophilus on the label.

You may also find an option of flavored yogurt but you need to make sure it doesn’t have Xylitol. This is an additive for sweetness that could be toxic for your dog and may lead to some health problems like depression, disorientation or even seizures.

But how much yogurt for dogs is required?

You know now that yogurt is beneficial for your dogs, but you also need to know how much yogurt your dog should eat. Feeding in excess your dog with Yogurt may lead to some develop some bone abnormalities in the long-term due to the high levels of calcium.

The quantity of yogurt should be 1 tbsp for small dogs and 1 tbs for large dogs. In the beginning, you should start with small amounts to prevent upset stomach.

If you intend to put your dog on yogurt supplement, talk to your vet first.

Yogurt for dogs sounds a bit unrealistic in the beginning, but this article must have definitely helped you to conclude that yogurt can be your dog’s best friend.

As a personal note:

One of our dogs (Aizen) suffered from colitis, after a few visits to the vet we discovered this natural and inexpensive remedy: Organic Plain Yogurt. In the beginning, per our vet’s recommendations, we combined it with a probiotic supplement, since then, his gut health is fine…problem solved!!

The probiotic we used for our dog (Aizen) was Bene-Bac Plus Probiotic Pet Gel and it is highly recommended as an excellent supplement to improve the health of your dog’s gut.

Benefits of the Yogurt for Dogs- Probiotics


Yogurt for dogs, as you noticed, has a lot of benefits but, always remember to check with your vet about any modification in your dog’s diet, supplements, and medicines. He will thank you and will be with you healthier and happier.

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  1. My pup has recently been chewing and licking at her paws. My mom thinks it might be allergies but I might just try the yogurt method and see if that helps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so interesting. I have heard similar things for plain yoghurt and cats too (in small amounts). I need to do some research on the cats before trying it. But this is great, thanks for sharing!

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