How to care for a litter of puppies

How to care for a litter of puppies. At times , dogs have more puppies than you expect. This is particularly so with mixed race or those who leave often. A female with a litter of puppies may need help caring for its many babies. With a little knowledge you can help everyone survive the first few weeks.


Know your dog and your overall health while pregnant. Visit the vet regularly extent that labor is approaching. It provides the new mother with high quality nutrition while nursing puppies.


Count how many cubs were born after childbirth. If you have more than the amount of nipples available, you will have to intervene.

Buy puppy formula and bottles a reliable supply store for pets. Check with the vet the type of formula you should use. You can also use a Playtex bottle for premature babies have a nozzle that seems to like the puppies.

Start each puppy and feed it back into the basket until everyone has had a turn.

Begin to rotate the puppies outside paridero. Wrap a two-liter bottle filled with warm water with an old towel. Miyad puts the puppies in a box or a laundry basket with warm bottle.

Away for a while each puppy in the litter of his mother. This will help make sure you do not eat more.

Check if the new mother clean her puppies well during the day. This helps stimulate urination and defecation. If you have not done, you should clean each puppy until she begins to do so. Just rub your belly with warm water.