Dog Health Issues

Dizziness in Dogs

Dizziness in dogs is likely due to a malfunction of their vestibular system. The vestibular system is what tells your dog where his head and body are in space, and which direction his body is […]

Dog Health Issues

Blood In Dog Urine

Blood in dog urine, also known as hematuria, can be a bit startling and is certainly cause for concern, but it is something you will likely observe at some point as a dog owner. Fortunately, […]


Dog Dry Heaving: Causes and Prevention

Dog dry heaving is an attempt your dog makes to vomit without actually producing any vomitus. Your dog may cough, choke, drool, or gag, and hunch their back or tuck their belly in an attempt […]

After Rabies Vaccine

Dog Behavior After Rabies Vaccine

Dog behavior after rabies vaccine may vary from dog to dog. Some dogs may react adversely to the vaccine and others may not be affected at all. Keep your dog under close observation following the rabies vaccine in case of anything. […]

Warts on dogs lip
Dog Treatments

Warts on Dogs Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Warts on dogs are benign tumors of the skin caused by the papilloma virus; veterinarians refer to dog warts by the more formal terms “papilloma” or “viral papilloma”. With the exception of a small subgroup […]

Pale Gums in Dogs
Dog Mouth

Pale Gums in Dogs: Causes and Treatment

Pale gums in dogs, along with lethargy are signs of a condition called anemia. Dogs normally have a medium to dark pink gum color; gently picking up the upper lip along the side of your […]