Eye discharge may be a sign of a secondary infection
Cherry eye

Cherry Eye in Dogs. Is it contagious? Home Treatment, Surgery

Cherry is eye is the protrusion of the gland of the eyelid characterized by a pink mass protruding from your dog’s eyelid. While this condition is common in both dogs and cats, it is not life threatening. However, if left untreated it could get complicated and cause eye problems later. Learn more on this, causes and how to treat cherry eye in dogs. […]

Dog Vomiting Yellow Foam
Dog Health Issues

Dog Vomiting Yellow Bile, Yellow Foam, with Blood in the Morning or after Drinking Water

A dog vomiting yellow bile may be a harmless act of the body disagreeing with some foods or a serious symptom of systemic or gastrointestinal conditions that require immediate medical attention. It may be sudden, acute or continuous episode of vomiting yellow liquid or foam. Here is more on why dogs vomit yellow bile and what to give for a dog vomiting yellow liquid with food or blood, after eating or drinking. […]

Breed Guide

Jack Russell Dog Behaviors And Temperament

The Jack Russell dog behavior makes it the kind of dog that needs an experienced owner to manage its willful nature. Other than that it is an energetic dog that loves to play, chase small animals and dig holes in the ground. […]

After Heartworm Treatment

Dog Behaviors After Heartworm Treatment

Different dogs react in different ways to heartworm treatment. Seek the best possible treatment for your dog and ensure that you monitor your dog’s behaviors after heartworm treatment. […]

Breed Guide

Golden Retriever Dog Behaviors And Personality traits

Golden Retriever dogs are the finest family dogs you can ever find. But if you don’t quite understand the Golden Retriever dog behaviors, you may get the wrong impression. These Golden Retriever dog personality traits will help you understand your dog and enjoy the fun, companionship, and other benefits this dog breed has to offer. […]