Dog Eye Discharge

Dog Eye Discharge

When thinking of certain breeds of dogs, a droopy-eyed Saint Bernard or weepy-eyed Shih-Tzu may come to mind. But when is dog eye discharge something more serious? Perhaps you’ve noticed your dog’s eyes tearing up […]

Dog Health Issues

Swollen Joints In Dogs

When you think of joint swelling, you may picture a senior pet with arthritis hobbling down a set of stairs, or carefully hopping into a car. However, joint swelling in dogs can be an issue […]

Dog Health Issues

Dog Losing Muscle

From the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, dogs of all shapes and sizes come with the same basic body features: skin, bones, and muscles. But if you’ve noticed your dog looking thinner than […]

Dog Health Issues

Dog Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose and Discharge

Does your dog have a runny nose? Perhaps you’ve noticed them sneezing or rubbing their face more often. Nasal discharge in dogs has a variety of causes, ranging from the basics like allergies, to more […]

Dog trembling for no reason

Trembling in Dogs

Shaking or trembling in dogs can happen for several reasons. From benign excitement to serious illness, you may wonder what is causing your dog to shiver. Learn more about the top reasons why you might […]

Cloudy eyes in dogs
Cloudy Eye

Cloudy Eyes in Dogs – Causes and Treatment

Cloudy eyes in dogs can be a concerning, but not always severe issue. There are many causes for clouding of the eyes, including aging-related health issues, injuries, and more. You may notice your dog bumping […]