Tips for spending summer with our dogs


In summer, temperatures will rise significantly and many of the problems we have are usually our dogs, problems such as dehydration excessive heat or sunburn. Here are some tips for a quiet summer with our dogs. Take your dog to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup before the summer begins. Mosquitoes are very active in summer.


Cars can become deadly traps for dogs even with the windows open. A car can go from being comfortable to being an oven in a matter of minutes, never leave just the dog inside the car. Do not think that a cloudy day or parking in the shade reduces the risk. The sun moves during the day and clouds can even increase the heat. It is very important to follow the advice of this point to tabla if we do not want to have an unpleasant surprise.

If you are going to take a long car trip accompanied by your dog, try to always carry a bottle of cold water for him. The right time to play is to take advantage of less hot hours, in the early morning or at dusk but never after a meal when it is sunny. Be careful when walking on the sidewalk and at the same time it is hot. The floor may be hot and could burn our dog’s sensitive pads. Heat waves can quickly dehydrate a dog, so program the rides for the cooler hours of the day.

Take the dog to surf and enjoy with the sand of the beach is very good, as long as you can make sure you have shade when you need it and lots of fresh and clean water. If your dog likes to take a dip in the sea, try to wash it with fresh water as soon as possible as the salt water can spoil the skin and fur. Older dogs and obese dogs as well as those who have any health problems like lung or heart disease should be kept inside the house with air conditioning if possible.

Those dogs of races that is especially sensible to the heat. Summer also brings dangers in the form of insecticides or sprays to the grass so be aware of the hazards that may be in your own yard or walk. Very careful also with the fluids of the cars engines, small amounts can cause serious injury even death. In case you believe that your dog has ingested some type of poison, take it quickly to the veterinarian.

For dogs with the same long hair, it is advisable to pay a visit to the hairdresser. A special cut for the summer is sure to benefit you. Never use sun products that are not approved for dogs. Sometimes products that are not approved for dogs may contain ingredients that can cause serious problems when ingested or absorbed by the skin. Special care when it comes to barbecues beware of matches, insect candles. A blow from a dog to a candle can easily cause a fire. When opening the windows take special care that dogs do not throw something out or even jump out the window if they see other dogs or people.