Types of Dog Leashes: Best Dog Leashes for Pulling, Walking and Training

Types of Dog Leashes
Types of Dog Leashes

There are different types of dog leashes. Each meant to help handle your dog in different kinds of situations. Here is all you need to know about the dog leashes including factors that you need to consider when choosing a good leash for your dog.

Dog Leashes

Dogs much like human beings enjoy every bit of walking be it around the house, park or outside the street. Vets recommend that walking is a great form of therapy and exercise. To a great extent, the holistic notion of nature walks, meeting new people and other dogs tends to get dogs so much excited. This might scare them off. They might run away, enter unrestricted zones and cause damage.

Leather Dog Leash
Leather Dog Leash

As you walk around with your dog within the public circle spending in a high-quality leash is an essential tool that may prevent the occurrence of unexpected situations.

A strong quality leash helps to control the dog’s movement. It also helps prevent the dog from making inappropriate gestures to strangers. Often people tend to argue it is protective enough to have a well-trained dog roaming around without a leash. However, the safety should be on the confidence of the public towards the dog.  For this fact, certain countries have a mandatory law that requires dog owners to have a leash so as to publicly walk around with a dog.

A dog leash may be made of one of these materials:

  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Fabric
  • Chain

Types of Dog Leashes

Unlike the common assumption, dog leashes are not the same. They vary in ways meant to handle different situations. Thus choosing the precise type of leash is very important because each dog differs in certain elements such as size, temperament, age, and breed.

Standard Leashes

These are the most widely recognized and commonly used leashes for dogs. They are used for both for training and walking. They are typically made up of either nylon or leather. Standard dog leashes are convenient for young puppies and mid-sized dogs.

The basic structure of a standard leash has a loop handle attached at one end while the other far end has a metal clip used to pin around the dog’s neck. Basically, its standard measurement in length is roughly around 4- 8 feet. The length and width are adjustable depending on the preference, protection, and control. Compared to other leashes they are cheaper through the leather strap standard leash is slightly expensive.

Tip: Leather dog leashes are tough and durable. They can withstand dog biting.

Retractable Leashes

The retractable dog leash contains a cord or a nylon thread measuring around 20 –30 feet. It releases and retracts back into a plastic case handle. Retractable leashes use the same mechanism as a tape measure.

Retractable Dog Leash
Retractable Dog Leash

The basic structure of retractable leashes allows dog handlers to lock within the handle at a preferred length. You can increase or decrease the length for easier movement and control.

This type of leash is preferred on dogs that properly trained. Dogs that are well adapted to having restraints and leash around their neck.

Chain Leashes

Also knowns as choke chains. Steel chain leashes are made up of steel with a metal clip at one end for attachment onto the dogs. The other end may have around leather strap handle for easy control and handling.

Chain leashes are best used for training
Chain leashes are best used for training

Chain leashes are used when training and introducing a dog to a leash. Corrections are made by pulling or making a quick tag on the chain so that it kind of chokes. With time, the dog learns to be within the leash’s length. However, these leashes are no longer used as much. If not used properly, they can cause damage to your dog’s trachea.

This type of leash is used for dogs that have a tendency of chewing on leather and nylon straps. It is not chewable. There are different types of chain leases. They vary according to size.  Chain leashes tend to be very uncomfortable especially if it has no leather strap so they are normally used with a sturdily built collar.

Martingale Leashes

Martingale Dog Leash
Martingale Dog Leash

It is a multiple purpose leash that combines both the standard leash and a collar. The typical structure of a martingale collar allows the margin between the dog and the collar to tighten when the dog pulls away and unlocks when the dog stops pulling. This kind of dog leash is vital in trade exhibition and specific training as it exerts the right amount of pressure for mobility without necessarily choking the dog.

Martingale leashes can be used to train dogs on special stunts. They can also be used to restrict the dog within a short period.

Adjustable Leashes

They use the same concept as regular standard leashes. The only difference is that they are made up of several loops adjusted within the leash.  The several loops allow dog owners to hook and adjust the length manually for short or long distances. The structure of adjustable leash is vital for various forms of dog training.

They also help in fastening the dog around a pole for movement depending on the available space. Commonly people tend to tie the adjustable leash around the waist or body especially when running.

Seatbelt Leashes

Seatbelt Leash control movement and protect him in case of an accident.
Seatbelt Leash control movement and protect him in case of an accident.

The primary function of a seatbelt leash is for easy transport of dogs in the car. They are used with a harness. One end is clipped to the harness while the other is buckled around the car seat belt- preferably the back seat. Seat belt leashes are very vital when driving as it helps stop the pooch from disrupting. It also protects the dog in case of accidents.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Leash

With the wide assortment of different dog leashes, it is very hectic and times tiresome to find a perfect leash for your dog. Thus it is vital to have at least two leashes for your dog to serve the different use such as walking, training, and protection. Here are factors to consider before buying a dog leash.

Age of the dog. When shopping for a good quality leash age is an important factor to consider. Look at the fact that the dog especially if it’s young will eventually grow in size length and power and weight. A standard leash is widely considered as a startup leash for young puppies.

Adjustability. Look for a leash that can be adjusted in terms of length and width for greater control and can withstand the force of the dog. The width allows it to be adjusted so not to choke the dog.

Comfort- Leashes are normally made of materials such as leather, nylon or rope. When buying a good leash ensure that the material rests comfortably around the dog’s neck. It should also feel comfortable on your hands.

Durability- some dogs have the habit of chewing on leashes. It is very important to buy a leash that can withstand the test of time. Otherwise, you’ll keep purchasing a new leash. This will be expensive in the long run.

Shock absorbing. The dog leash should be able to withstand the pressure exerted by the dog as it makes any new and constant movement.  Under pressure, one can easily release the leash due to shock so purchase a shock absorbing dog leash.

Steps to Follow When Introducing a Leash to a Dog

Initially introducing a dog for a walk using a leash might be very difficult as the dog may resist the new method. It is important that while you purchase a new leash it is equally imperative that you learn how to fit and adjust the leash on the dog’s neck.

  • Begin the process by starting in a familiar and well-encircled environment such as the house as this helps in familiarizing the dog with the new system.
  • Adjust the width of the leash depending on the dog’s comfortability.
  • Gradually introduce the new leash in bits maybe for the first time target an hour or so and increase as time goes by.
  • Reward the dog for a job well done as it helps in making it feel comfortable.
  • Do not let the dog chew the leash. One can distract it by introducing toys for play or playing its favorite game.
  • Ones it is comfortable walking with the leash you can move outside.

How to Introduce your Dog to a Leash





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