Dog beds 101: Everything you need to know

Dog beds 101: Everything you need to know

Dog beds 101: Everything you need to know

Dog beds 101: Everything you need to know

There are so many places where your dog can sleep (On your bed, sofa, in the middle of the kitchen, over your clothes,etc.) and pretty comfortable!.

But, even while your dog may sleep anywhere, it doesn’t mean it’s right. Dogs should have their own space, a warm and comfortable bed where they can rest for many reasons.

Below,  you will find everything you need to know about dog beds and we’ve listed just a few of the ways a dog bed can benefit both you and your dog.

 Do you know what the dog beds made of are?

Maybe it doesn’t matter how is built a dog bed and what contains. But like human beds, in the pet industry, the companies can make dog beds with different materials (plastic pellets, fabric, wood chips or standard polyfill) so you may have to try what is the best bed for your dog.

Bed filling should be chosen considering the size of your dog, age, lifestyle and physical condition.

For example, Large dogs (like the Great Dane, Golden Retriever or Alaska Malamute), and older and handicapped (dogs because of the size, weight, health condition or health recovering situation) need a firm and supportive bed but also with easy access. Foam beds (better even memory foam beds) usually are the best fit for these dogs.

In the other hand, young dogs and the ones that like to dig and turn in circles to create their own nest before laying down on the bed can get more comfortable with poly filled beds.

 Why is a dog bed essential?

  • It will save you money in the long term preventing your dog from using the furniture around the house as personal dog bed (Sofa, Beds, Carpet, etc.).
  • It will prevent your dog to get some joint problems from lying on hard surfaces that may cause some pain in places like hips and elbows.
  • It will improve the joint health support, especially for big dogs, elder dogs, dogs with overweight and dogs recovering from surgery.

How long does should last a dog bed?

There are some variables may affect the lifespan of a dog bed:

  • Use frequently, Some dogs may use their beds more than others.
  • Behavior, Some dogs like to dig or walk in circles on their bed before laying down.
  •  Environment, Sometimes beds are moved through the house or outdoors where the weather and environment conditions may affect the bed structure and durability.

Basic Dog Bed Styles

  • Orthopedic bed – Perfect for Large dogs, overweight dogs and old dogs with joint issues, these beds were designed to offer orthopedic support.
  • Raised bed –  These beds bring easy access and are suitable for senior pets. Because they way they are built, they will keep your dog away from the floor.
  • Cushion bed – This is the simplest style and basically are good for dogs that like to sleep spread out on the bed.
  • Covered bed/cup bed – Some dogs like to have their own space and privacy. These dog beds are made to create this intimate environment, also provides to some dogs the feeling of security offered by a covered bed.
  • Donut/bolster bed – Perfect for small dogs or the ones that love to curl up to sleep.

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What is the correct bed size for your dog?

All depends on how your dog sleep:

  • A round bed or nest style should be a good fit for a dog that likes to sleep curled up in a ball. To be sure you get the right size of the dog bed, add around 7 inches to the measurement of your dog when sleep curled up.
  •  Some dogs like to sleep stretching out the legs, for these dogs a rectangular dog bed will be the best fit. To be sure you get the right size of the dog bed add 12 inches to the measurement of your dog when she/he is fully stretched out on the bed.

How to choose a dog bed

To determine what is  the best  dog bed for your pet, you may use the following factors:

Quality,  Take into consideration how is the dog bed made, the quality of the materials,  durability and how comfortable the bed can be for your dog.

Size,  It is recommended to measure your dog before you go for shopping a dog bed to choose a dog bed big enough to support your dog’s body.

Location, Depending on where your dog sleeps (Especially if your dog likes to sleep outdoors) you should pick a dog bed that can resist environmental hazards ( mold, fungus, humidity, heat, etc.)

Ease of cleaning, a water-resistant dog bed is always a smart choice for easy cleanup. Also, Dog Beds with washable covers are preferable.

Dog beds 101: Benefits

Benefits of  Dog Beds

Dog beds  (ie: nesting type) during the winter will keep your dog warm and off the cold and will help your dog to be cool and off the hot ground or carpet during the summer.

Cushion to protect joints and bones
Dog beds ( ie: Orthopedic dog beds) will provide a soft place to rest to lay down offering joint, muscle and bone support especially to old dogs, overweight dogs, big dogs and dogs that are recovering from a surgery.

 Loose Hair and Odor control
Dog beds will discourage your dog from curling up on your sofa, bed and other areas of the house holding most of the shed hair and helping to maintain your home clean by keeping most of the hair and odor in a single area.

Injury Prevention
Especially beneficial for small breeds and old dogs, dog beds will help to prevent any kind of injury by jumping up to (or jumping down from) a high or raised furniture to find a place to sleep.

Protection for outdoor dogs
Any dog needs a bed, even if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors. Having a well insulated, water resistant and durable dog bed located outside will help your dog (if he/she spend significant amounts of time there) to be comfortable when he/she is resting, napping or relaxing.

Privacy and Security
Same as humans, dogs need their own space and comfort zone in the house to retreat, feels relaxed, safe and protected. With their own dog bed, dogs will feel they have a valued place at home.

Humans sleep  8 hours a day as an average, and a good bed is essential to sleep well. Dogs sleep around 80% of the day so a bed should be even more important for them!( for more information about dog sleeping visit the post Dog behaviors and Sleep Problems)

Fortunately,  Dog beds are way cheaper than beds for humans but well worth every cent you will spend on it. It’s an investment for the healthy sleep of your best friend that will last a lot of time, and he/she will thank you forever.


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