The Anatomy of a Betta Fish

The Anatomy of a Betta Fish (with Pictures)


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Caudal Fin

The fin at the back of the Betta, usually called the tail.


Caudal Peduncle

Is where the Caudal Fin and the body meets.


Dorsal Fin

The top fin, on the Bettas back.


Anal Fin

The bottom fin, which begins from the anal opening and ends at the caudal peduncle.


Pectoral Fins

The two fins on the side of the Bettas body. They are just behind the gills.


Ventral Fins

The Two long fins that hang down in front of the anal.



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Gill Membrane

Is often called the “Betta Beard”. Properly named the branchiostegal membrane.


The gill covers

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