Meet My Bettas

Meet My Bettas




Temoe is my HMPK female, her name is Tahitian, meaning “The Sunrise”. Is a mother of one of my current spawns.




Partnered with Sinalei, Sina is the shortened version of the Samoan beach they were named after.


Elly May

A lovely little super delta girl, siblings with Sina, Sinalei, Billy Bob and Hermes. Quite a sweet little thing.



Male PK #1

Male PK male, still unnamed. Is siblings to Sina, Sinalei, Elly May, Billy Bob and Hermes.

Male PK #2

Male PK male, still unnamed. Is siblings to Sina, Sinalei, Elly May, Billy Bob and Hermes.


My HMPK male, Rahiti has a Tahitian name, meaning “The Sunrise”. Same meaning, but different name to his female – Temoe. He is a father to one of my spawns.

Thankyou to the breeder for this photo.


This stunning red with royal blue iridescence CT male was given to me with a sibling female, from a very special breeder. Loving to show off, he never misses the chance to show his beautiful finnage!

He was named Squishy after the little Jelly-Fish in Finding Nemo. My friend was helping me name him, suggested “nemo” or “dory”.. I thought these were silly names for a freshwater fish, but somehow ended up calling him Squishy.

Thank you to the breeder for this photo.

Previous Bettas

My Bettas that I’ve had in the past, but have unfortunately past away.


Bubbles was my very first Betta. My sister gave me Bubbles, and he lived about three years. I didn’t know much about Betta’s then, but he had a good life. Bubbles was deep blue in colour, and just adored his special orange plant. He seemed quite depressed without his plant. πŸ™‚
Even though I didn’t know much about Betta’s (I didn’t even know they were called Betta’s!) I still knew it was cruel to keep Bubbles in small quarters. This jar was just his holder as I cleaned his tank, and it is still a lot bigger than the pet store’s cup. Sorry the photo is such bad quality. In this photo, it looks as if he is fat and has fin rot. Bubbles was very healthy…


Since I loved Bubbles so much, I went and brought myself a new Betta. I owned them at the same time, but I didn’t place them right next to each other, as I wasn’t sure if flaring all day would stress them out (now I look back, I guess even though I didn’t know much about Betta’s, I still had good ideas πŸ˜€ ) I would let Bubbles and Emotion flare sometimes, as I just loved watching them display their colours (especially colours with Emotion, don’t worry, I’ll get to it). Emotion always won these ‘contests’.
OK, let me tell you about how Emotion got got his name and about that colour comment I just made. You properly won’t believe me though… As soon as I saw Emotion in my LFS, I just loved him and had to have him. He was turquoise in colour, and after I brought him, I left the store and did a good check of him in the sunshine. Strangely enough, the Betta I was holding was red. I was positive that the fish I just brought was turquoise. Had the store guy given me the wrong fish? I walked back into the store and looked at the fish I was holding – he was aqua.
I was so confused, and thought I needed glasses! Walking back out (again) he was red (now, the store guys were staring at me like I was a idiot). Shaking my head, I left and went home. In the car it was partly shady. I look at my new fish again, and he was gold! After getting home, I put him in his new home in my room. At that time it was darkish in my room. Looking at Emotion, I noticed he was blue. Getting a torch, I shined the light on him and he turned a dark green, placing my hand over half the light, where the shadow landed on him his colour changed to copper, and where the light remained stayed green.
I realized then I owned the most amazing fish in the world!!! Now, if you do believe me, the next day I experimented with different lights. You may think I’ve already covered all the colours, but trust me – I hadn’t. The reason I named him Emotion was because he seemed to change colour with different emotions. Of coarse, you can clearly see that this was not true, but changed with lighting. Anyway, I named him Emotion. Emotion lived for three years, and had a good life. Stupidly, I didn’t take any photos except this one. This photo shows him laying down just before he died. He did not change colour that day, and died a week later… πŸ™


Chips was also given to me by my sister along with his buddie Fish (mentioned below). He died last week in very early July, 2010, and lived to FIVE years old. He was a beautiful Chocolate coloured Veil Tail. He didn’t make a fuss of anything, and when cleaning time came, he actually JUMPED from his big tank into his small cup! He would have lived longer, but he went completely blind and starved. I tried everything, vibrations so he could sense the food, and many other remedies. What I found worked the best, was just when he was about to come up for air, I placed food on the water surface. Once he found the food, he would blindly gulp all around the surface looking for more. Sadly, this only worked twice, until he became too weak to gulp…
Over the five years Chips lived, I could never get him to hold still to take a photo. I guess he didn’t like having his picture taken…


We got Fish at the same time as Chips so we decided to give them matching names. Fish only lived a year and a half. He would never flare at Chips, with the exception of once or twice. Although, on those occasions, he would only flare for a minute, then slowly sick down to the bottom to have a sleep. Often, we thought he was dead, as he would lie limply on the tank bottom. We had to kill put him to sleep eventually, because he got so weak, he could barely swim to the surface. πŸ™ We thought he had fish-cancer, and it turns out we were close. He would have either had an internal parasite, or tuberculosis (even though this disease is contagious to humans, we never caught it). Even though he was sick, he had a beautiful bright red colour, but had some black outlining.
I never tried to take a photo of Fish, as he had always looked pretty pathetic. πŸ™


My dad just came home one day and passed me a Betta. He picked him up because he saw the Rory’s colouring and could not resit. Rory was the truest red I have ever seen. He had a red mask, no black outlining, so he was completely red with no sign of any other colour, except for his beautiful blue eyes. If he wasn’t a Veil Tail, we could have shown him (and won too)! He was given the name Rory as it means Red King in Irish. It seemed appropriate. He lived for about two years, but died in late April 2010. Sadly, it was a death I could have prevented. My mum cleaned his tank, and didn’t put water conditioner in the tap water she used. This left chlorine, chloramine and other heavy metals which killed my special Rory. I did later change his water properly, but the damage had already been done. He was the only one of my Betta’s to blow a bubblenest at the age of two…
I never realized that when lights are on the outside of the tank, when the photo is taken, it will reflect back to the cameras and end up as a white photo. For this reason, I never got a photo of Rory…


Apple will have to be one of the cutest CT Betta’s around. She is a red Cambodian, so has a fleshy body and red fins. She loves her bloodworms, and will gladly eat them, but when given flakes, it looks as if she were sighing, them eats the flakes slowly; giving me a look with each mouthful. πŸ™‚ So far, she has shown to be ready to spawn, and I am hoping my male will be soon too…
With this badly taken photo, it seems Apple is FAT. She isn’t, it is just the flash. She is round with eggs though… πŸ™‚ Also, Apple had previously got in a bit of a fight, hence, the torn fins.

Raspberry, my red CT male has just murdered sweet Apple in an attempt to spawn them. He was eating her brain when I found them. πŸ™


Plum is my new male, which I got from Jodi-Lea. He is paired with the female Peach. πŸ™‚

Plum is a red/white butterfly Veil-Tail, and will hopefully spawn with Peach. He even built a bubblenest while he was in the mail! Of coarse, it got destroyed with all the fuss of moving him to a new home, and un-packing, placing in a new tank, etc.

NEW: Plum spawned with Peach. He is a wonderful daddy. Read all about it in the “Spawn Log” section.
Plum died on the night of Tuesday the 12.10.10. He was too exhausted after looking after the fry and could go on. πŸ™
I owned him for exactly one week. From the 5.10.10 – 13.10.10

The above photo shows Plum doing his Happy-Betta dance. :))

Peach & Plum –


This is the for-sale video of Peach & Plum –

Β This video belongs to Jodi-Lea Matheson. Even though these are my fish, this video was taken & published, and is property of Jodi-Lea.
Strawberries & Cream
Long name isn’t it? He is very pretty. Strawberries & Cream is a red/white butterfly VT with a very petty piebald face. He is now enjoying his freedom in his large tank. πŸ™‚ He does have some blue iridescence as you can see in the second photo.I found him in a pet store, and couldn’t resit getting him.

Christmas 2010 –

Strawberries & Cream died of natural causes on the 7th of January, 2011. He was never a father.

He is a bit shy, and has run away (or swam) when Apple got under the divider to his part of the tank. With each day, he is becoming less and less shy.Β  He is a bright red, and when you shine bright light on him, he shows pink polka-dots! πŸ™‚ Hopefully he will breed with my Apple, the red cambodian CT.
NEW: Raspberry has gotten over his shyness. He has just murdered Apple. I will not breed him now. Raspberry is now just a pet. He was eating her brain when I found them. The first photo here shows his real colouring, and the others are just what he looks like. πŸ™‚

Raspberry died of natural causes. He had been very pale, and breathing heavily the night before. Peach: Peach is the new female I just got. I got her from Jodi-Lea and is paired with Plum. Peach is a red/white butterfly Vail-tail, and I LOVE her! For a female, she has quite long fins. I do not know her personality yet, but when I get to know her, I’ll let you know. πŸ™‚ NEW: Peach spawned with Plum. Read all about it in the “Spawn Log” section. REALLY NEW, 13.10.10: Peach is still happy, but Plum died last night.

Pretty isn’t she?

The above photo shows Plum doing his Happy-Betta dance. :)) Peach & Plum –

This is the for-sale video of Peach & Plum –

This video belongs to Jodi-Lea Matheson. Even though these are my fish, this video was taken & published, and is property of Jodi-Lea. Peach died on the 29th of January, 2011. Sadly, she was killed in a fight with fellow females. Cherry and Bilberry’s live’s were also lost.

Cherry is a beautiful red multi ‘Crowntail’*. She and Apple love to be together, and apartΒ  they will seem depressed. Cherry is a very picky eater, and loves bloodworms, but when fed flakes (I feed flakes with freeze-dried bloodworms, krill and other goodies in it) will leave the flakes and pick out the freeze-died bloodworms, krill, etc. Cherry gets stressed out quite easily, and hates it when left with males, or if Apple is away with the males. Sometimes, Cherry likes to act tough and will pick on Apple, but then Apple will flare at her, and she will go and hide. Lovely fish, hopefully she’ll breed well. She better get over being stressed with males..
NEW: Cherry does still get stressed easily, yet loves to be with Strawberries & Cream (mentioned below). Hopefully a spawn will come out of that! *I thought Cherry was a Crowntail (CT), but is actually a Veiltail (VT), or at least a very slight Combtail (cT). I still love her, but did pay CT price for her. Oopies. She is still my pretty girl. πŸ™‚

These photos do not do enough justice to her real colouring. She is a beautiful red-multi – very, very pretty though. πŸ™‚ I wish I could show her colour… Cherry died on the 29th of January, 2011. Sadly, she was killed in a fight with fellow females. Peach and Bilberry’s live’s were also lost. Cherry’s body was not found, she just vanished. I believe the sucker in the tank ate the remands of her body. I know it was a Betta fight because I found Peach mangled only like Bettas can do. Bilberry:Β  Bilberry is my new veil-tail female. She is a very pretty blue, and like Cherry, she absolutely adores Strawberries & Cream. She is quite young, maybe 4 or 5 months old. So, she is in her prime for breeding. Seeing as Strawberries & Cream is quite a large male and she is small, I don’t really want to spawn them together. Large male and small female spawns often end up with a crushed female. πŸ™ Maybe if Blueberry wants to spawn, I will pair them up. πŸ™‚ I believe I’ll get an another male just for her. πŸ™‚

The chunk out of her tail is from Cherry, while the ‘pecking order’ was being established.

Bilberry died on the 29th of January, 2011. Sadly, she was killed in a fight with fellow females. Peach and Cherry’s live’s were also lost. Bilberry’s body was not found, she just vanished, along with Cherry. I believe the sucker in the tank ate the remands of their bodie. I know it was a Betta fight because I found Peach mangled only like Bettas can do. Rose: Rose was the female I received as a birthday present for my 14th birthday! She was a beautiful red-pink/white butterfly Halfmoon (HM) girl. She was the partner of Carnation. They are both Rosetail, so I named her Rose. πŸ˜› The strain name is Pink Carnation, so I named the male Carnation. πŸ™‚ She was really shy when I got her, I couldn’t get a photo, wouldn’t stay still whenever I came near. *sigh* Since the day I first offered her bloodworms, she has loved me. Once, when I was attempting to spawn them, all was going well, then she SHREDDED poor Carnation. He is going great now though.

This was the for sale video.

This video belongs to Jodi-Lea Matheson. Even though these are my fish, this video was taken & published, and is owned by Jodi-Lea. Much to my despair, Rose past away only yesterday, on the 30th of January 2011. I don’t know why, she just died for no apparent reason. She never bred with Carnation. Honeydew:Β  Honeydew is a sweet little multi veil-tail female. Such a gorgeous thing, she gets on wonderfully with my other girls. πŸ™‚ I love her iridescence, she is so sparkly! Nearly a wild-type (domestic Betta with the same colouring as wild Bettas), but the iridescence is the wrong colour.

Honeydew died of dropsy during the night of 1 February, 2011.


Blueberry is my royal blue male. He is such a pig, and will eat anything, and I must watch I don’t overfeed, as he had once been bloated from too many bloodworms, and looked like he swallowed a marble! Even then, he was still looking for more! Blueberry flares at my females, and when they submit to him, he will swim off, and look for more food (OH! It is SO annoying)! He has proven to be incompatible for breeding. πŸ™ Too busy looking for food I guess.. NEW: Blueberry is such a sweet boy. He enjoys to rest on Java Moss, and whenever I un-card him so he is able to see his neighboring fish, flares like crazy within three seconds flat. πŸ™‚

Blueberry died 8.2.11.


Cheese was the runt of the spawn, little brother to Jake & Caesar.

I named him Cheese as he got badly struck by finmelt, and cheese melts… so Cheese seemed fitting at the time.
He was a very shy boy, this was the best photo I got of him – melt was already striking.


Cheese died of fin-melt, 17th of February, 2011. Red Girlie: This lovely red girlie was given to me. I didn’t get a chance to name her, nor figure out her personality, before she vanished.

She just disappeared one night, no where to be found. There aren’t any suckers or snails in the tank that could have eaten the body.. and the other girls wouldn’t have, or at least left something if they did. So it is a mystery.


Carnation is the male I received as a birthday present for my 14th birthday! He is a stunning red-pink/white butterfly Halfmoon (HM) male. His partner was Rose, who sadly past away only yesterday (30.1.11). The strain name for this pair is Pink Carnations, so I named him Carnation! πŸ˜€ They are both Rosetail, so the female was named Rose. From the second I got him, Carnation was an energetic boy, flaring at his reflection in the tank walls. He gives me this delightful dance whenever I approach. β™₯

He is such a poser, so I have plenttty more photos! Sadly, in an attempt to spawn, he was SHREDDED by Rose –

But with lots of love, mozzie wrigglers, and a bit of treatment (salt, Melafix & IAL), he is re-growing his finnage back to his gorgeous self –


This was the for sale video.

Carnation died of unknown causes on the 20th, March, 2011.


Vlad was my lovely black lace traditional plakat, and could reach his spread to 180*. He was very very first plakat (PK) and I now really love them! He had heaps of personality, always ready to flare & display at my other Bettas. He was very kindly given to me (along with the name), and sadly I didn’t get to own him long, before he mysteriously died.
Vlad died of unknown causes on the 23rd, March, 2011. Marble Delta Boy: Cutie little marble delta boy, did marble out and nearly go cellophane on me.

Β Before:


While still pretty… was a little bit of a shame that he marbled. Died of an unknown cause. Jake: Jake was one of the blue CT brothers that were given to me. He died of dropsy.

Β Jake is the guy of the right.
Caesar: Caesar was the other blue brother.. he was named by my karate teacher, as he said Caesar was a great Betta. Died of finmelt and velvet.
Caesar is the lovely boy on the left.


Apache was a gorgeous marble CT male. He spawned to Esmerelda, but ate the eggs, and died shortly afterwards.
When I got him (with flash) –
A couple weeks later –
Esmerelda: Esmerelda was a pretty little turquoise CT female I brought to spawn with Apache.
She spawned with him, he ate the eggs.. then Apache died shortly afterwards. Never got the chance to find her another male, as she died a couple months later.

Crowntail and Combtail Females:

Had a few different CT and cT females in a community tank, comlumnaris wiped them out.
Marble Copper CT Female: Stunning marble female, from Jodi-Lea, was brought as a pair with the male below. To be honest, I preferred her to the male.
She had a tumor on her side, and it eventually killed her.
Marble Copper CT Male: Marble CT boy brought from Jodi-Lea, with his girlie (above). Was intending to breed him, he was in the same water as the female with the tumor when it killed her… I have suspicions it killed him, too.

Occidentalis Martimus (or Tally): Occidentalis Martimus was my gorgeous super delta dragon female. As she was a dragon, I thought I would give her a ‘dragon name’. ‘Occidentalis Martimus’ is the scientific name of the mythical Frost Dragon. As Tally looked kinda ‘frosty’ coloured, she aquired that name. Yes, whenever talking about her.. I DID say Occidentalis Martimus. I shortened it to Tally for everyone else, though. Occidentalis Martimus – Talis… Tally. See?

Died of an unknown cause. Dragon Male: Dragon male brother to Occidentalis Martimus. He was ventral-less.

Died of fin-melt. Red Dragon Male: Red dragon boy was siblings to Tally & the dragon male above. He could spread to HM. Was a lovely boy, a little ‘lanky’, and ventral-less.. but pretty all the same.

Died 7.7.2011. Red/Blue CT Female: This stunning red with royal blue iridescence CT female was a stunning girl with lots of personality (and LOTS of eggs) She was given to me so very kindly to a very special breeder, with her brother, hopefully to spawn. The pair did spawn, but the male ate all the eggs. Unfortunately, she acquired some sort of fungus and velvet, and didn’t make it. The pair didn’t re-spawn before this.

BIG with eggs!


Died of fungus and velvet, on 13.8.2011. Sinalei: Named after a Samoan beach, Sinalei is a gorgeous blue-yellow HM male. Hopefully will spawn with his sibling, Sina quite soon!

R.I.P. He spawned with Sina, ate all the eggs. Got finmelt – which he then got a lot better, but had a relapse and didn’t make it. Billy Bob: Nice little super delta male, seems to be a little shy – but has learnt to come over and beg for food! He never stays still, always moving… terrible for photos!

Died of finmelt. Hermes: Another super delta male, he was shy at first – but has become quite the showy one!

Died of finmelt. Panda: Giant PK male, named for his mable patches. Was a lovely, lively boy – died of a mystery disease.


  1. are u like a fish breeder or something cause u have a lot of bettas πŸ™‚ anyways your fish are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so sorry that some of them had to die πŸ™

    I have 2 great VT male bettas, one's all red and the other is whitish-pinkish and a little transparent. I didn't know much about bettas before and i thought my whitish-pinkesh betta was a girl so i gave him a girl name XD So his his name is Katrina(lol)and i'm thinking about changing his name to Kit-Kat or something. My red male's name is Sparky or Sparx for short and i LOVE them both.

  2. Hello, thank you for your comment. πŸ™‚
    I'm a hobbiest, and keep Bettas because I love them. I do wish to breed them, and have a new pair coming during the week which I do intend to spawn. πŸ™‚
    Thank you. Yes, it is sad that they have died, it's hard losing a pet.. but everything and everyone must die in the end, and you have to enjoy them while you have them, caring for their needs to give them a (hopefully) long & happy life.

    Your Bettas sound lovely. πŸ™‚
    Haha, I Kit-Kat is a cute name. I like the name Sparky, very nice.

    Happy Betta keeping,

  3. What size tank do you normally keep your fish in?
    I have a 2.5 gallon and a 1 gallon tank. I'm really not sure if they are big enough. But it really was all I could afford at the moment.
    I thought your post on betta varieties was great! It's the best one I've found so far.
    I have two bettas -Aronnax- (a crown-tail) And Saknussam- (A veil tail) They both seem very happy and are the best pets I have ever owned!
    Oh and where can you find the rarer varieties?-Dragon, etc?

  4. With Bettas, the bigger is always the better, but I find a 20L (5.2G) tank is perfect for a single Betta. A 2.5gallon is perfectly fine though, as long as you keep up with the water quality. πŸ™‚

    Why thank you very much, I'm so happy to hear!

    Such lovely and original names! May Aronnax & Saknnussam live long and happy lives.

    Oh, and it depends on which country you are in. I found my dragons (must update this page) from a local breeder.. but your best bet is

    Good luck, and thank you for commenting,
    Sarah. πŸ™‚

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