Dog Ear Swelling, Swollen Ear Flap, Allergies, Shut, Like a Balloon and Home Treatment Remedies

Dog ear swelling

In the post below, you will learn the causes of a dog ear swelling, why it may swell like a balloon and get shut, swollen ear flap allergies home treatment, the remedy for an aural hematoma in dogs as well as how to prevent recurrence of the condition.

Dog Ear Swelling, Swollen Dog Ear or Dog Swollen Ear

In most cases, a dog ear swelling will result in pain, redness and a rise in temperature. These will in turn cause discomfort and the dog will shake their head to ease it. In cases of severe infections, the dog may exhibit an unusual gait and a lack of coordination while they walk. There may also be experience hearing problems and increased aggression. It is therefore important to deal with any swelling in dog ear to prevent the problem from escalating. Here are some of the cases and how to treat them to halt and eventually eliminate swelling.

Ear Mites Dog Ear Swelling

These are microscopic organisms that thrive by feeding on the oils and wax inside a dog’s ear. Although most problematic to puppies and young dogs, ear mites in dogs can occur at any age. Where the infestation is serious, the ear canal could get swollen shut. The intense itching and swelling could also result in severe infections.

Ear mites treatments include careful cleaning and insecticidal eardrops. The treatment should be conducted on all dogs in homes with multiple pets since the mites are contagious.

Dog Ear Flap Swelling Hematoma

Hematomas are swollen masses that occur inside the ear flaps of a dog. It is as a result of the accumulation of fluids and blood in the area between the ear cartilage and the skin.

They form when there is a rupture in blood vessels which result in bleeding within the ear tissue layers. Ear hematomas in dogs can be caused by vigorous shaking of the head, scratching due to infections and ear mites as well as in cases where foreign bodies are stuck in the ear canal.

For hematomas to be treated, the veterinarian will examine the ear and if found necessary, he will drain off the blood. This, in addition to treating the dog ear swelling, will also aid in preventing scarring any likely hearing deformity. In cases of recurrence, surgery may be necessary to avoid further filling of the ear flap with blood.

Ear Infections Swollen Dog Ear

Infections can affect both the outer and inner ear. In addition to swelling, infections will also emit a bad odor, cause discharge and general discomfort in your pet. Problems such as water in the ear, polyps, bites from other dogs, foreign objects as well as severe allergic reactions can all see your dog suffering infections of the ears.

In case infections affecting the outer ear are left untreated, they could progress to the inner ear. If this too is left untreated the infection could see the dog suffering imbalance and losing their hearing ability.

Depending on the severity, dog ear infections can be treated with topical antibiotics or oral antifungals, thorough cleaning, ear drying solutions as well as both commercial and homemade ear flushing drops.

Dog ear yeast infections that are left untreated could see your dog’s ears swollen like a balloon. This will lead to the ears getting swollen shut thus developing temporary loss of hearing. Intervention should be done soon enough to prevent this.

Dog Ear Swollen Tumors

Tumors themselves can be seen as some kind of localized swelling. They occur as a result of excessive cellular growth which causes the body to react to stop it. This can result in inflammation in which case the area around the tumor will swell further.

Foreign Objects

When some foreign object gets into the ear, it causes obstruction. This hinders the flow of ear wax as well as effective lubrication. As a result, it becomes easy for the proliferation of microbes resulting in infections. The pressure exacted on the area of obstruction also leads to inflammation. All these may lead to excessive swelling.

While dog ear swelling is easy to identify, the causes may not be as easy. It is therefore important that a proper diagnosis is given by your veterinarian. Before commencing any home treatment, find out the cause and use appropriate medication to treat the condition.

Dog Ear Swelling from Injuries

Just like humans, dogs get injuries and swell. These may be caused by some trauma, a bite from another dog, accidents where things fall on them or they could pick an injury while playing rough outdoors. This kind of swelling if well taken care of should be gone within no time.

Dog Swollen Ear Flap Allergies

When a dog suffers an allergic reaction that results in swollen ear flaps, the swelling is usually dramatic as opposed to increasing gradually. They will also be hot. In such cases, administering Benadryl as a home treatment should ease the problem. You could also opt for natural dog swollen flap home treatment to help clear up the allergens.

Dog Ear Swollen Like Balloon

A dog swollen ear will have a flap that is painful upon palpitation. The dog will also be scratching and tilting the head to the affected side as well as shake their head. When a dog ear is swollen like a balloon, it can only mean that the case is severe. It is therefore important to have them checked so the cause can be dealt with immediately. Failure to take appropriate action in time could see your dog suffer long-term hearing loss.

Dog Swollen Ear Flap Home Treatment

A dog ear swelling requires attention immediate attention to prevent it from worsening as this could have devastating effects such as loss of hearing. The first step should be to identify the cause of the swelling and deal with it. For swollen ears resulting from allergies, elimination of allergens and administering antihistamines may be necessary. On the other hand, infections can be cleared with antibiotics while hematomas may require an incision into the skin to drain the fluid or surgery.

Additionally, put into place preventive measures so the ear does not suffer infections. Once this is done, there are additional dog swollen ear flap home treatment options you can use to ease the general discomfort. These are discussed below:

  1. Clean the dog ears using a cotton ball soaked in an ear cleanser. This could be commercial or homemade. Be keen not to insert the cotton beyond where you can see.
  2. If you have ear drops, administer them, hold the ear for a while before letting go.
  3. Use topical treatments as may be instructed by your vet. Calamine ointment can help cool off the area as well as reduce the swelling
  4. To reduce swelling and ease the pain, you can apply ice cubes on the external part of the ear if it happens to be affected.
  5. Once done with the home treatment, keep monitoring your dog and watch out for infections.

To prevent dog ear swelling, observe your dog and know what their ears look like in normal circumstances. They should be pink, clean and without a bad smell. In case they change to appearing swollen, smelly, red or have any discharge, have them investigated by your veterinarian. If your dog is a water lover, ensure their ears get dried up thoroughly after every session to prevent them from developing infections. An ear drying solution can help keep their ears dry too especially if they are prone to infections.


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