7 Great Ways to Stop a Dog from Jumping the Fence

How to stop a dog from jumping and climbing over the fence
Dogs, expecially those with anxiety issues as well as male ones, may be notorious at jumping over the fence.

Fences are a great way to keep your dog safe, but unfortunately, not all dogs enjoy staying inside all the time. Some of them can master the escaping technique so much that they become experts at it.

Some dogs can jump very high and can manage to get out because they see the fence as a challenge or an obstacle. But that is not what the fence is for. You’d prefer your dog not see it as a puzzle they need to solve but as a protection from other dogs and the environment.

As soon as you notice that your dog jumps over the fence, it is time to work on the issue and find a solution right away.

To stop anxious and notorious dogs from jumping over the fence and running away, you might need solutions such as training, walking your dog more often, training and if need be, buying or making your own dogproof fence extension.

The best way to do that is start by finding out why your furry friend is behaving like this.

Find out the reason

The first step is to figure out the actual cause of the problem. Perhaps ask yourself these questions:

  • Why might your dog feel the need to jump over the fence and escape?
  • Is your dog getting enough exercise?
  • Is your dog getting enough attention?


A good dog owner must make sure that their dog has enough activities during the day or has enough toys in the yard to play with.

Namely, a dog is a dog and he will always be curious and want to find out more and there is nothing you can do to change it. They just want to know what is on the other side of the fence. Sometimes, even if you are a “good dog owner”, jumping over the fence is a normal behavior and should not worry you.

Common in male dogs

On the other hand, jumping over a fence is also how male dogs become “men”. They feel the need to escape and start exploring the world around them. They see dogs passing by and cannot help it. This is a huge distraction for them and before you know it, they might climb or jump over the fence and join other dogs.

It is a fact that hormones do their work here and it will be very difficult to control them. When a male dog feels the smell of a female dog nearby, it will be difficult to keep him inside the home or even in the yard. They will find a way to get out.

Separation anxiety

According to Doggy Bakery, separation anxiety might be one of the reasons that explain your dog’s behavior,

Your dog loves you. If your dog tries to leave shortly after you leave or if they cry and whine when you leave, you’re dealing with a separation anxiety issue. This is especially true if your dog has been around you constantly their whole life and then you suddenly change jobs and their routine changes. If you go from working from home to working outside the home, this can be a problem. [1]

Solutions for dogs that jump and climb fences

As a good pet owner, you must also think of the dangers that can be encountered the minute your dog gets out of your home, from the danger of being poisoned or the danger of entering into conflict with other dogs which might have serious consequences.

All this means that you will have to find some sort of solution to prevent those excursions. Try these options:

1. Walk your dog regularly

If a fence in your yard no longer stops your dog from getting out, you must chain the dog occasionally to stop this kind of behavior.

When you are away from home or when you are in the house and your dog is sleeping, it can be chained for a while or until he sleeps.

Someone will surely tell you that keeping a dog on a chain is terrible, but I’m afraid that this is a wrong opinion. Sometimes keeping your dog chained occasionally might be the only solution.

But you need to make sure that the chain is long enough so that the dog can walk freely. As soon as someone returns home, the dog must be released, and be taken for a walk.

2. Teach with rewards

If you have a fence and your dog successfully jumps over it, it might be a real challenge to teach your dog not to even climb over the fence, but even then, you cannot be 100% certain that your pet would not repeat the action when you are away.

Of course, neither keeping your dog on the chain all the time nor keeping it inside the house is a permanent solution. The best way to make a dog feel free would be when it could walk freely inside and outside, but you would have to teach him not to run away.

You can argue with him, use other measures, but you should not hit him because dogs just do not understand this form of punishment. Hitting is never an option and you should not practice it.
What you must do is reward and praise your dog when you see that he is with you and that he has no intention of escaping.

In general, jumping over the fence is not a small problem and eventually, if you do not solve it, it will keep getting bigger.

So, here are some sure ways that will help you stop your dog from jumping over the fence:

3. Use a dog-proof fence extension/top

One of the solutions is lifting up the fence a little bit to discourage the dog from climbing or jumping over to escape.

If you have a solid fence made of wire, iron, then you can add a top row made from a cheaper material such as:

  • Plastics
  • Net
  • Synthetic
  • Bamboo

It does not have to mean that if it is cheaper it won’t last long enough.

If the upper row of the fence is such that the dog cannot correctly determine the edges, and even if it is flexible, it will be a bit hard for a dog to decide to jump over it if he does not clearly see the edges.

It is an investment that won’t cost you a lot but will definitely solve the problem permanently. With a high fence, your dog will also be prevented from seeing other dogs when they are passing by.

Plastics – If you are not worried about the style so much and you want to save money, plastic slats might be the real solution to your problem. They will provide you the required privacy, increase the height of your fence and definitely stop your dog from jumping. There are plastic slats in black color that can match your black fence and thus block the view of your dog.

Net – A net can be made from different materials. The sturdier the material, the more expensive it will be. It can be made from plastics, metal or synthetic. The metal wire is more durable but it is also more expensive. If your budget allows you, it would be best to use a quality net to stop your dog from jumping over it.

Bamboo rolls – Even though bamboo rolls might look cheaper, be sure that they aren’t. They are sturdy and can provide you with the necessary protection. Bamboo rolls are high enough to stop any dog from jumping over them. Plus, the panels can easily be cut so that you can customize them according to your preferences.

According to The Honest Kitchen,

“If your dog likes to jump the fence, create an L-footer but turn it upside down so it’s at the top of your fence. Create that L-shape and fasten the short side to the top of your fence with the rest of the garden or hardware fencing angled into your yard at the top of the fence so when your dog looks up, fencing is above him. [1]

4. Landscaping

If it is impossible for you to increase the height of your fence, consider landscaping as a much cheaper option. That way you will keep your dog inside and keep other dogs from getting inside.

What does this mean? Consider planting some decorative “green fences” such as shrubs. Plant them along the fence and solve your problem permanently. Do not leave too much space between the shrubs and the fence as your dog might create a secret tunnel and still manage to escape.

5.Remove everything that helps them jump

There could be many things in the yard that are helping your dog jump over the fence without you being aware of it.

Branches, a pile of garbage, cans and many other objects might serve as a great jumping point.

Make sure to get rid of everything that surrounds the fence and your dog might not be able to jump or climb anymore.

6. Training

This is a bit more expensive option if you hire a professional trainer who will teach your dog not to jump over the fences and escape.

But if you have the time and the will to do it by yourself, there are hundreds and hundreds of videos and tutorials that can help you train your dog to stay inside.

This can be achieved by training your dog to overcome various “smaller” obstacles (e.g. stairs) helps the physical development of the dog and the development of its intuition, bravery, and elasticity.

And at the same time teaching the dog that jumping over higher “obstacles” can be dangerous.

The most important command is the movement by hand in the direction of the obstacle and giving your dog a treat as a reward for a fulfilled command. The training should be performed on a specially prepared terrain, i.e. on terrains where barriers are already built.

The dog should not be afraid of the obstacle, meaning that he should be familiar with them, so a few days before the training you need to walk your dog among the obstacles to overcome the fear.

After that, the training can begin. But if you are not certain about this, make sure to ask for a help from a real professional.

7. Make the yard a fun place

Last but not least, if the yard is a fun place for your dog, it might never feel the need to escape it. What you can do work on some DIY projects and build toys and exercising equipment for your dog to play with.

It is a fact that most dogs love to spend time outside and explore new places. If they are given what they need and are not left alone for a longer period of time, be sure that they won’t jump the fence in search for something more fun and exciting.

Do not leave your dog alone all day and make sure to keep him interested to stay in the yard.

Think of it like this, dogs are like children, you must give them freedom, but also keep them under surveillance.