Swollen Joints in Dogs 1
Dog Health Issues

Swollen Joints In Dogs

When you think of joint swelling, you may picture a senior pet with arthritis hobbling down a set of stairs, or carefully hopping into a car. However, joint swelling in dogs can be an issue […]

Dog Losing Muscle 1
Dog Health Issues

Dog Losing Muscle

From the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane, dogs of all shapes and sizes come with the same basic body features: skin, bones, and muscles. But if you’ve noticed your dog looking thinner than […]

Dog Runny Nose
Dog Nose

Dog Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose and Discharge

Does your dog have a runny nose? Perhaps you’ve noticed them sneezing or rubbing their face more often. Nasal discharge in dogs has a variety of causes, ranging from the basics like allergies, to more […]

Black scabs on dogs
Scabs on Dogs

Scabs on Dogs Back, Head, Belly

If your dog has ever scratched excessively or been injured, you may have noticed a scab forming on their skin. Are scabs on dogs something to worry about, or just a normal process of healing? […]

Cloudy eyes in dogs
Cloudy Eyes

Cloudy Eyes in Dogs – Causes and Treatment

Cloudy eyes in dogs can be a concerning, but not always severe issue. There are many causes for clouding of the eyes, including aging-related health issues, injuries, and more. You may notice your dog bumping […]