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Vitamins E for Dogs

Vitamin E for Dogs, Is Vitamin E Good for Dogs?

Vitamin E for dogs plays a very essential role in supporting pet health. It boosts your dog’s immunity and help prevent common illnesses due to its deficiency. Is vitamin E good for dogs? How much vitamin E for dogs should I give? Here are answers to common question on vitamin E for dogs, its benefits for dog’s skin, paws and eyes. […]

Hotspots on dogs
Hotspots on Dogs

Hotspots on Dogs, How to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs Naturally with Home Remedies

Hotspots on dogs are a common canine problem experienced by many dogs. It is an irritating skin condition that if left untreated causes your dog intense itching, inflammation and infection. The affected skin appears red, moist and is very painful. Here is more on how to treat hotspots on dogs naturally with home remedies and other treatments. […]

Aspirin for Dogs
Aspirin for Dogs

Aspirin for Dogs: Can I Give my Dog Aspirin? Is It Safe?

Is Aspirin safe for dogs? How much can you give per weight? Aspirin is a common pain reliever that is also used in dogs to relieve pain and treat inflammation. Ridding your dog of any pain is just as much as taking a pain reliever yourself. Here is how to use aspirin in dogs to treat pain and inflammation due to various problems such as arthritis, injury and cancer. […]

Milk Thistle Plant
Dog Health Issues

Milk Thistle for Dogs: Is Milk Thistle Good for Dogs?

What are the health benefits of milk thistle for dogs? What is the best brand of milk thistle for dogs with kidney failure, liver disease, epilepsy and other canine problems? Milk thistle is a flowering herbal plant with lots of benefits for canine health. Known to cleanse your dog and get rid of toxins, this plant has range of health benefits and has been used to cure a number of canine diseases. […]