Kaopectate for Dogs Diarrhea, Dosage and Safety

Administering kaopectate for dogs

Earlier formulations of Kaopectate contained Kaolin and Pectin. New formulations though have changed and the two have been replaced with Bismuth subsalicylate. The brand names have not changed though. Kaopectate has mild antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antacid properties. While mostly used in humans for diarrhea and indigestion, it can be used in dogs to treat the same symptoms but is not safe for cats. Below we explore Kaopectate for dogs, its safety, dosage, side effects and when to see a vet.

Kaopectate for Dogs

One of the most common gastrointestinal problems in dogs is diarrhea. Knowing how to fix the problem is important as it helps to save your dog from dehydration and getting worse with time. Kaopectate is a human formulation used in treating digestion problems. It has antibacterial properties to help resolve digestive issues and also contains antacid. Available in both chewable and liquid formulation, Kaopectate for dogs can be used to treat the same problems in your pet.

Kaopectate for dogs and puppies

In the sections below, we answer a number of questions regarding the use of Kaopectate for dogs such as:

  • Can dogs take Kaopectate?
  • Is Kaopectate safe for dogs?
  • Can you give a dog Kaopectate for diarrhea?
  • How much Kaopectate for dogs?

Can Dogs Take Kaopectate and is Kaopectate Safe for dogs?

Can I give my dog Kaopectate? Kaopectate being an over the counter product can be used in dogs for the same purposes it is used for in humans. This though does not mean that the drug should be used without consulting your vet. Before administering it, ensure you seek professional guidance as you should always do before administering any human drug to your pet.

Is Kaopectate safe for dogs? Although Kaopectate is yet to be approved by the FDA, it is normally used to treat diarrhea in dogs. This though should be done with caution such as ensuring the right dosage, as discussed later on, is given. Other additional safety precautions to bear in mind include:

  • Only use the medication for one or two days. If symptoms persist after correct treatment within this time, visit your veterinarian.
  • In case your pet is taking aspirin, this treatment may not be suitable for your dog.
  • While giving the liquid formulation, ensure you shake well before administering Kaopectate for dogs.
  • The drug could inhibit absorption of lincomycin and digoxin. It should, therefore, be offered four hours before or after each to ensure their efficacy.
  • During the treatment period, keep your dog well hydrated by giving it a lot of water.

Depending on the formulation used, Kaopectate could interact with these medicines:

  • Digoxin
  • Lincomycin
  • Steroids
  • Rimadyl (or other NSAIDs)

How Much Kaopectate to Give a Dog: Kaopectate Dosage for Dogs or Kaopectate for Dogs Dosage

Wondering how much Kaopectate to give a dog or puppy? Like any other drug, it is important to know how much Kaopectate to give a dog to avoid under or overdosing your pet. As indicated earlier, Kaopectate is available in both liquid formulation and chewable tablets. While treating your dog for diarrhea, it is best recommended to use the liquid formulation. In addition to being easy to administer, it is also flavored making it easy for the dog to consume. In case you settle for the chewable tablet, have it crushed and sprinkled on food.

Generally, Kaopectate for dogs dosage ranges from 0.5ml-1ml per pound of dog body weight per day. This should be administered two to four times a day for two days. However, depending on what active ingredient is used and what its concentration is, this could differ. If you’re not certain, seek directions from your veterinarian.

How to Administer Kaopectate for Dog’s Diarrhea

To ensure that you get the best out of the Kaopectate dosage for dogs, ensure you administer it in the right way. Here is the procedure to help achieve this when using the liquid formulation:

  1. Start by setting up all the necessary items which include a syringe and the drug in a quiet and calm place in your home.
  2. If you don’t already know the weight of your dog, weigh it to help you get the right dosage.
  3. Once you have the weight, calculate the dose for the dog at approximately 1ml per pound. This easily translates to two teaspoons per 10 pounds of weight.
  4. The amount arrived at above is a day’s dosage. Divide it into two or four parts to administer it throughout the day.
  5. Fill the syringe with one part of the Kaopectate dosage.
  6. Slowly and cautiously, hold your dog’s lower part of the mouth and place the syringe in the pocket that forms between the back teeth and the cheeks.
  7. Administer the drug while ensuring it is done correctly to avoid choking and vomiting.
  8. In case there are any spills use paper towels to clear up the mess.
  9. Repeat procedure within regular intervals and monitor youafterwards wards.

Kaopectate for Dogs Side Effects and When to See a Veterinarian

Just like a lot of other drugs, Kaopectate for dogs has a risk of showing side effects. In most cases, this only happens in cases where there has been an overdose. The side effects include:

  • Constipation in cases of an overdose are common.
  • Different stool color whereby it gets darker and black at times.
  • A decrease in energy level.
  • Dizziness

While the above side effects should not be alarming, there are certain symptoms which if noted should be of concern. These are as discussed below:

  • In case your dog vomits, has poor vision and thus keeps bumping into walls;
  • Where the dog experiences involuntary spasms;
  • There is a fever after use or
  • Your dog keeps crying after the dose, visit your veterinarian.

Where to Buy Kaopectate for Dogs

Kaopectate for dogs and even puppies is available over the counter. It should therefore not be hard to get from your local drug store.