Dog Perfumes: Homemade Dog Perfume, Designer Dog Cologne

Dog Perfumes.
Dog Perfumes.

There are different types of dog perfumes to help get rid of odor.  Perfumes are be used to get rid of bad smell or simply refresh your dog’s coat. Here is more on what you need to know about dog perfumes. Learn how to make natural DIY dog cologne.

Dog Perfumes

Dogs, an animal species widely referred to as a man’s best friend.” People who tend to adore dogs, admire them with so much passion that even go as far as naming the dogs important names. They will go to unmeasurable lengths to ensure that their pets have a soothing and appealing smell. Dog owners can now get the services of professional dog groomers who at times are a bit expensive.

Dog Perfumes
Dog Perfumes

There are new and unearthing discoveries of pet grooming detergents such as shampoos, perfumes, colognes and sprays. People flip through the internet, television and radio commercials and online reviews on the most effective methods of animal grooming.  Dog owners tend to opt for grooming products, practices, and procedures that work well on dog’s overall smell.

Before trying to get rid of dog bad smell with perfumes, it is important to check for underlying conditions that may require medical attention. Certain conditions such as abscessed anal sacs, ear infection, skin diseases and allergies often result in bacterial infection resulting in bad odor.

What to Check for in a Dog Perfume

There are so many dog grooming products sold in pet stores. This makes it quite difficult to find one that performs optimally to the stated objective. Most of the dog perfume products are high on a chemical substance such as alcohol and if used without precautions may cause skin irritation and even cancer.

Read carefully to pick out the chemical properties of the product. The shorter the list of ingredients, the better.

Test the perfume on a piece of cloth. This will help you determine whether it will work well for both you and your dog. While a dog perfume should be nice smelling, it should not cause skin irritation or sneezing.

Always purchase dog perfume products sniffed with natural oil.

Dog Bathing Vs Dog Perfumes

While the daily bath of the dog works tremendously, it may eventually lead to dry skin for the pet. Animal health experts recommend that dog owners apply dog perfume occasionally on the skin. Alternate it with regular bath. Dog perfume products are made with conditioning elements that help soften, preserve, and reduce snarls on the dog’s coat.

Dog Colognes

Isle for dog’s couture

Introducing this cologne as dog grooming product works tremendously as the merchandise is made of natural ingredients without added chemicals. The cologne contains extracts from primrose oil and herbal source. The cologne allows for relieving dry and dead skin to develop a natural soothing touch and hydrating skin cells

Fresh and clean floral cologne

With over ten years of product existence lambert kay fresh floral scent, cologne is uniquely designed to eradicate bad body scent in dogs and enable them to smell clean and fresh for long extended periods. The dog perfume products aids in eliminating bad smell and nourishing the pet skin and coat.

Four paws spray

Four Paws dog perfume has a refreshing light crispy smell with alcohol and water fragrance ingredients. The cologne is scientifically formulated to help in refreshing and deodorizing the dog’s coat disinfecting the skin from infections.  The product helps to keep the dog skin fresh relaxing and last for 24 hours.

Wahl doggie deodorant cologne

Rich in natural ingredients such as sugar cleanser, purified water, eucalyptus, wheat protein and natural oil extracts from spearmint. The cologne is best designed to revitalize and refresh the dogs coat and skin.

The natural oil ingredient formulated in the product aids in nourishing delicate skin so as to help unstiffen long and thick hair. Has a long lasting smell to keep the dog revitalize until the next bath? The product tends to have a mild scent that works best for sensitive individuals.

Nature specialties (simply plum) cologne

Formulated with natural components such as coconut, almond, sweet plum essences and purified water the Foo Foo (nature specialties) cologne has a fresh, strong scent. The product is an essential product to help in moisturizing, restoring skin coat. The cologne is essentially important for active and frequently outdoor dogs.

Oster animal care. (Raspberry cologne)

The raspberry cologne from Oster animal care is fundamentally formulated containing non-alcohol ingredients and natural oil extracts. The cologne natural smell assists in restoring the dog’s coat and skin keeping the animal fur relaxed and smooth.

Best Dog Perfume

Best Dog Perfumes
Best Dog Perfumes

 These are some of the dog perfume favorites I came across. 

Top performance versions

The special ingredients formulated in this dog perfume contains water, alcohol, and fragrance specifically endorsed for dogs with panache. Offers an exceptional stylish scent to help revitalize dog’s skin and coat.

Earth bath deodorizing spritz

The product is an all-natural deodorizing perfume mixed with natural ingredients such as oatmeal, Aloe Vera, colloidal, vitamin E, and meadowfoam. The exquisite ingredients of product aids to revitalize, soothe, relax and condition the dog’s skin and coat treating itching ailments and dandruff.

Green dog perfume

The green dog perfume is used to freshen up the dog fur in between baths so as to enhance a fresh dog smell. The product is formulated with natural essential oils and water to aid in softening the dog’s fur and oiling the coat for faster drying periods. The lavender smell keeps the bad odor away

Aroma Paws Paw fume perfume

The aroma paws organic dog perfume contains natural ingredients made from shea and aloe butter. It contains extracts of essential oil and a mixture of botanical, purified beeswax, sweet almond, apricot kernel and grape seeds. The perfume is used to deodorize the skin from bad odor and moisturizing the dog’s skin for smooth and relaxing hair.

Homemade Dog Perfume

Dog perfumes can be made at home. They are natural, safe to use and inexpensive. This is a great way to refresh and freshen up your dog in between baths. It gives you the liberty to come up with combinations that are pleasant and safe for you and your dog.

Essential Oils

Use a blend of essential oils can be therapeutic for your dog. They also offer benefits such as antifungal and repelling off pests and insects.

Use an unscented, mild and plain oils as base oils. Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba, apricot oil and avocado oil are very good. While olive oil is generally considered the best, it has a unique smell that may not sit well with all dogs.

Essential oils that are safe and commonly used to make homemade perfumes include lavender, peppermint, clary sage, cedar woods, sweet orange, ginger, chamomile.

The composition of essential oil should not exceed 5 percent of the concoction while water and carrier/ base oil should compose of a higher percentage.

Sweet lavender dog perfume

This blend of dog perfumes combines water and an essential oil such as lavender and coconut oil as a base oil.

The method of preparation.

  1. On an empty plastic, fill it with water until half full.
  2. Fill coconut oil on the water mixture until it is ¾ full.
  3. Add five drops of lavender oil to the mixture.
  4. Shake the mixture for a few minutes until it is well combined.
  5. Spray the concoction on an empty cloth to find what works best.
  6. If the mixture is light, add 2 ounces of lavender oil.

Unlike store bought perfumes which are alcohol based, homemade dog perfumes are oil based. Rather than spraying, gently massage the perfume into your dog’s coat. Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, and ears. Oil based perfumes will also give your dog an appealing shine.


Dog perfumes based on essential oils smell great. However, your dog may not like that lingering scent. You can alternatively use vinegar to make refreshing body spray that does not linger.

  1. Use white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  2. Combine 1 part of vinegar to 4 parts of water
  3. Put the contents in a spray bottle and use it to spritz on your dog every few days

Vinegar is irritating and should not be used directly on the mucous membranes such as in or around the eyes, the nose or ears.

Important Tip:

DO NOT use perfumes on animals such as cats without consulting a vet. Some animals lick themselves and may end up consuming most of it.


Your dog may have a bad smell if he spends time in dirty and untidy places. Ensure that you clean and change his bedding regularly. Alternatively, you can use your homemade spray to freshen your pooches bedding.

Designer Dog Perfumes

Designer Dog Perfumes
Designer Dog Perfumes

Aqua di dog cologne

This cologne acts as the dog version of the Aqua di Gio from the Armani collection. It is formulated with flowery scented notes mixed with rich woody and fruity smells. Works well on moisturizing the dog coat and deodorizing bad smell for a long lasting soothing scent.

Ck- 9 dog perfume

The designer perfume ck-9 is richly chamomile based with a rich woody and fruity smell. The perfume allows for relieving dry skin to develop a natural soothing touch and smell.

Bono sport

A product of the stylish and fashionable designer house Ralph Lauren. Bono sport is an energetic and richly crafted dog perfume formulate to give the dog a sweet-smelling floral. It keeps the dog smelling nice and clean throughout the day.

Timmy hole digger

A product of Tommy Hilfiger design. The product is crisp fresh to allow the dog to smell nice and clean. Timmy hole digger is precisely formulated to help in eliminating bad smell and nurturing the pet skin and coat.

How to Apply Perfume on a Dog

  1. Using shampoo, a light brush and a piece of towel clean the dog and rinse off the soaked water.
  2. Dry the animal’s fur and coat using a dry towel.
  3. Hold the perfume about 3 inches above the dog skin and spray an ounce or two over the tail, the back behind the ears and shoulder blades.
  4. Avoid spraying on a sensitive area prone to licking by the dog.

Symptoms and Disease Caused By Dog Perfume

In most cases when dogs are in frequent contact with human-made perfumes, the dog’s body tends to react negatively to the chemical products. The synthetic perfumes product reacts differently to the different dog’s breeds.  Professional dog groomers and veterinarians propose that dog owners should extensively research the dog perfume substance before making a purchase.

Early symptoms to look out for in cause of irritation include sneezing, body itching, eye discharge and nasal. The prolonged reaction often makes the liver turn out to be toxic, affecting digestion. Cases of the development of immune symptoms and chronic diseases, organ failure and cancer may develop over the cause of time.


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