Dog Farting, Diarrhea, not Pooping Causes and How to Stop

Dog Farting

Whether your dog farts in the tub, when you are having tea with visitors or is farting so intensively it could blow bubble gum in the yard, it can get uncomfortable and frustrating especially when the farts are stinky. Here we explore various causes of dog farting and how to stop it. You will also learn more about farting, diarrhea and not pooping as well as some fun aspects of the same such as Walter the farting dog, farting awareness day and videos.  

Dog Farting

Dog farting also referred to as flatulence is the release of gas through the anus. This may happen as a result of dietary problems or when a dog swallows too much air. Dog farts may be loud or silent, smelly or odorless. These will be determined by the causes as can be seen below.

Causes of Dog Farting

In most cases, farting in dogs results from dietary issues. There, however, are some other causes of farts such as parasitic infestations. We get into the details of these here. below.

Eating Fast

When dogs gobble on food, they ingest more air. This is most common in households with multiple dogs being fed from the same dish. Other times it could be that the dog simply wants to eat fast and be done with feeding. To stop dog farting from eating too fast, use an upturned bowl.

In case they are many and competing, feed dogs separately. You could also give your dog smaller portions so they can take smaller mouthfuls. Using bowls with projections inside can also help slow down the feeding pace.

Food Intolerance

Just like humans, dogs may suffer food intolerance leading to stomach upsets. While some may be intolerant of specific premium foods, others may be intolerant of specific ingredients. Dogs are intolerant to grains, some proteins, and lactose among others. Observe your dog when they have farted and find out if it could be caused by ingredients in their food.

Parasitic Infestation

Deworming is important for dogs and a broad spectrum product should be offered every three months. The presence of intestinal worms could cause various problems which could see your canine suffer secondary flatulence.

Swallowing Air

Some situations tend to facilitate your dog’s swallowing excess air. Brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs and Boxers tend to be snub-nosed. This makes them mouth breathers resulting in swallowing of excessive air.

In cases where these dogs are overweight, the problem worsens. Once excessive air goes in it has to get out. If not burped out, the dog farts.


Dietary choices we make for our pets have great bearing on their overall health. Some meals may result in excessive gas in the system resulting in dog farting. Dogs that feed on leftovers and a variety of foods are likely to experience this.

Poor quality diets, diets rich in corn, starch, soy, and carbohydrates too could cause farting in dogs as they favor gas production. Where possible, opt for premium high-quality dog food as these are easy on the digestive system and will be easy on your dog.

How to Stop Dog Farting

Wondering how to quell those stinky farts? Here is how to stop dog farting.


An imbalance in intestinal bacteria could occur in dogs resulting I farting. Using probiotics can help in correcting this imbalance. They do so by supporting the growth of appropriate bacteria. They can be found in some premium prescription foods.


Walking your dog outdoors shortly after eating can help improve digestion. Where the farts are excessively smelly, it will also help release the gas in the open as opposed to enclosed areas.

Digestive Enzymes

By adding digestive enzymes to your dog’s food, it helps to break down carbohydrates and thus less gas is produced in the colon. These can be given to your dog on prescription by your veterinarian.

Activated Charcoal

This is yet another remedy for dog farting. It should not, however, be used as a long-term treatment. It is recommended to use it for three to five days only as long-term use could inhibit absorption of nutrients. Talk to your veterinarian regarding appropriate dosage.

Additional Tips on Stopping Dog Farts

Additionally, the following tips can help to stop dog farting:

  • Avoid cheap dog food as these tend to contain corn and soy product fillers that may lead to gas problems.
  • As they say, garbage in, garbage out. What you feed your dog will determine if he farts or not. Always select high-quality kibble to reduce waste and thus quell gas and stinky farts.
  • To stimulate digestion, walk your dog frequently to stimulate his intestines.
  • Avoid giving your dog bread, any spicy food, broccoli, peas, beans, and cauliflower when feeding your dog table scraps.
  • Do not give your dog any dairy products apart from yogurt.

Dog Farting A Lot, Keeps Farting Constantly and More than Usual

If you are a dog owner and have noticed that your dog is farting a lot constantly, it is because something has changed. Dogs mostly fart more than usual when there is a change in their diet. Instead of introducing them to a different diet abruptly, try and do it progressively.

Dog Farting a Lot and Diarrhea or Dog Farting but Not Pooping

While plain dog farting is nothing more than an annoyance to the nose, there are other accompanying symptoms that should sound an alarm.

When a dog is farting a lot and has diarrhea, you ought to take measures to stop it. In most cases, this could result from dietary indiscretion.

In case of mild diarrhea, you can feed him on plain chicken and white rice instead of the regular dog food. This should help in firming the stool. Where diarrhea gets worse or goes on for more than a couple of days, see your vet for professional treatment.

Dogs that have had a change in diet are likely to experience some digestive problems as they adjust. If your dog is farting but not pooping but shows no sign of discomfort or pain, just keep an eye on him. Once his system adjusts, it is likely they will poop.

My Dog Is Farting A Lot Lately or Recently

Dog farting is likely to occur suddenly when there is a change of diet. This is more so where the dog is being offered a raw diet. This kind of farting should not last as long as your dog adjusts to his current diet. If it goes on for too long, see your veterinarian.

Walter the Farting Dog

Walter the farting dog is the title of a series of books written for children by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray with illustrations done by Audrey Colman. The first book of this series was published in 2001.

Currently, five books have been published. These include Walter the Farting Dog (2001), Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale (2004), Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog (2005), Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise (2006), Walter the Farting Dog Banned from the Beach (2007).

Following illustrations in the book, farting dog toys and dolls are available in stores. On sites such as Amazon, some merchandisers sell the book series together with the farting dog toys and dolls.

Dog Farting Awareness Day

April 8th is marked as the dog farting awareness day. This day is set aside to create awareness regarding the production of the embarrassing flatulence smell. This includes the causes and why it stinks, how to quell it as well as when to see a doctor in case your dog keeps farting.

Also common on this day are canine farting doodles and cartoons mostly shared through social media. Other accessories associated with the day are wearable items such as mambo farting dog t-shirts, towels and stickers. These are readily available online. Sample them according to your liking.

Dog Farting Video

Some people are not bothered by a dog farting; if it is in a video. There are loads of funny YouTube videos of farting dogs. At some point, a dog farting the theme tune to happy days was quite popular. Some dogs will dog so much they will scare themselves. Here is a video of a Chocolate Lab farting like crazy!

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