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Common Questions

Why is My Dog Sneezing So Much?

If your dog is sneezing more often than usual, you are probably wondering what the cause could be. As it turns out, there are several potential causes for excessive sneezing in dogs. Whether your dog’s […]

Dog Rubbing Face on the Ground

Dog Rubbing Face on the Ground

You may have noticed your dog enjoys rubbing their face on the corner of the couch. Or, you may spot them nosing about in the dirt, rolling and rubbing in excitement. But, are there times […]

Dog Swollen Lip
Dog Health Issues

Dog has Swollen Lip

Does your dog have a swollen lip? Seeing your dog’s lips swelling can be a major concern. Is it an emergency? What may have caused it? Does it require treatment? There are a variety of […]

red spots on dogs belly
Red Spots on Belly

Red Spots on Dogs Belly Causes and Treatments

Strange red spots on your dog’s belly, or anywhere on the skin can be a concerning thing to find. If your dog is also itching and scratching, you may wonder about allergies or parasites. What […]

Lethargy in Dogs 1
Dog Health Issues

Lethargy in Dogs

While not an illness on its own, lethargy in dogs can be a serious concern for dogs and owners alike. What does it mean if your dog is laying down more often? Is there a […]

Dog Eye Discharge
Dog Eye Discharge

Dog Eye Discharge

When thinking of certain breeds of dogs, a droopy-eyed Saint Bernard or weepy-eyed Shih-Tzu may come to mind. But when is dog eye discharge something more serious? Perhaps you’ve noticed your dog’s eyes tearing up […]

Dog Runny Nose
Dog Nose

Dog Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose and Discharge

Does your dog have a runny nose? Perhaps you’ve noticed them sneezing or rubbing their face more often. Nasal discharge in dogs has a variety of causes, ranging from the basics like allergies, to more […]