Celery for Dogs. Is Celery Good for Dogs? Is It Safe?

Celery for dogs? Is it safe? What are the health benefits of giving celery to your dog? Here are answers to this and more why you should add this healthy vegetable to your dog’s diet.

Is Celery Safe for Dogs? Is it good?

Celery is a cultivated plant which is a part of the parsley family, they have closely packed succulent leafstalks that can be eaten either raw or cooked or used for seasoning, and celery is from the same family as carrots, fennel, and caraway.

Celery for dogs.
Celery for dogs.

This is a healthy vegetable. It may feel good to let your dog have some. Along with other nutritional benefits, celery makes a healthy snack for your dog.

While celery is good for dogs but they should be given in limited quantities. Giving too much may give your dog an upset stomach that presents with diarrhea. Note that it is possible your dog may be too sensitive to handle celery. In this case, just stick to regular dog food.

Foods like celery, carrots and other human foods should not, in any case, replace your dog’s regular diet. They are only meant to complement their diet. Just to get rid of the monotony of eating the same things over and over.

Celery for Dogs
Celery for Dogs

Good quality commercial dog foods with the same nutritional benefits are available. If you have the slightest worry about giving celery to your dog, discuss with your Vet on what other options are available.

How to Give or Prepare Celery for Your Dog

Celery can be fed to dogs either cooked or raw. Your dog’s teeth are not designed to chew on hard celery stalks.

Simply cut celery into small pieces and portions which can be manageable and fit into their mouths. This also makes it easy for them to chew and digest. If celery is not properly chewed, it gets difficult to have it pass in a stool.

Chopped celery for dogs
Chopped celery for dogs

Cutting celery into small pieces not only makes it easier to chew but also reduces the risk of choking. Remove the leaves before giving celery to dogs otherwise, they will not be interested in it, you can only give them with the leaves when you are cooking it.

Try adding some celery juice or chopped pieces of celery to its food.

According to drugs.com on the uses and pharmacology of celery, “An extract of celery (var dulce) has been reported to have hypotensive properties in rabbits and dogs when administered intravenously.”

There isn’t much information on other known benefits of giving celery seeds, tablets or extracts to your dog.

Celery juice for dogs
Juicing celery may be the best way to prepare it for your dog

Is Celery Good For Your Dog?

Celery is highly nutritious with a very low calorie count. It is rich with vitamins including vitamin K vitamin C and vitamin B6. It is also a good source of several minerals such as potassium and folate. The high amounts of vitamin C in celery promote a healthy immune system too to the dog.

Health Benefits of Celery for Dogs

Celery is an excellent source of antioxidants and beneficial enzymes.  Other benefits include and not limited to:

Give Celery to Boost Digestion

Nutrients in the fiber of the celery are released during juicing. The boost digestion by aiding bowel movements hence reducing stomach bloating. The natural organic sodium (which is almost the same as the natural salt) in celery is very safe for consumption, and in fact, it is essential for the dog’s body.

Fight Infections

It lowers inflammation, boosts digestion and reduces bloating. Celery contains some anti-microbial properties that help fight infections

Celery Strings for Dogs Teeth and Breath

Steamed carrots and celery are the most common foods used to keep dog teeth healthy naturally. While the fibrous stringy nature of celery poses a choking hazard for dogs, it acts as a dental floss while your dog is chewing. Celery also freshens up dog breath.

Carrots and Celery SHOULD NEVER be used as an alternative to brushing your dog’s teeth.

Celery for Dog Arthritis

Believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, celery may help with pain, a major symptom of arthritis. This is what makes it beneficial in helping ailments that present with inflammation such as arthritis. If your dog is arthritic, adding pieces of celery to his food may help with pain

Give Celery Sticks for Dogs High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

It helps to lower high cholesterol. The phthalides in celery may also lower cholesterol by increasing bile acid secretion.

Celery has for many years been associated with lowering of blood pressure. When it is combined with other juices, it provides a different formula that can help with other conditions too.

Phthalides in celery have been shown to lower blood pressure. They relax the muscles around the arteries and allowing vessels to dilate. The calcium, magnesium, and potassium in celery also help regulate blood pressure.

Regulate PH balance of your Dog’s Body

Celery regulates the body alkaline balance which protects against problems arising from overly acidic foods.

Celery for Dogs Kidney Health

A natural diuretic, celery stimulates urine production and can help eliminate excess fluids. It flushes out toxins thus promoting good kidney and urinary tract health in your pet.

Though it is advised not to feed your dog raw celery leaves, they are filled with vitamin A. The stems of celery are a very good source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C with rich supplies of potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and plenty essential amino acids.

While many foods lose nutrients during cooking, most of the compounds in celery hold up well during cooking.

Lots of dogs love chewing on a stick of celery. Others are picky and don’t like them. The best way to feed celery is to cut it up into small sticks. It is a very healthy snack! A mixture of celery in your dog’s food can be quite good for their health.

Considering all these health benefits of celery there is no reason for you to hesitate to include it in your dog’s diet. However, stick to giving it in small amounts or as a healthy dog treat. Your dog will definitely benefit from eating celery.

Side Effects of Giving Celery to your Dog

Do not put too much celery in your dog’s food. Even though dogs can eat celery it should never be given in high quantities so as to not cause an upset stomach. If your dog has never had celery before, you should introduce it to him slowly, feeding just a little bit at a time.

And just to be a little bit extra careful, string the celery before feeding your dog. It may cause intestinal blockage and other digestive problems in your dog.

If not properly prepared before giving to the dogs i.e. cut into smaller manageable pieces and can cause choking and if not well digested will be very hard for the dog to pass.

Bottom-line… while vegetables sound like a great idea for your dogs, they are not that necessary. Dogs are naturally carnivorous. Give celery as simple treats occasionally to spruce up their diets. You can use them as rewards.

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