How to Make a Dog Vomit Safely with Hydrogen Peroxide, Salt, Baking Soda and Mustard

Only safe methods should be used when making a dog vomit.
Be cautious when making a dog vomit

Dogs, especially puppies are known to ingest substances that may be toxic to their system. Other times they may swallow indigestible materials. When this happens, it may be necessary to carry out procedures on how to make a dog vomit safely. This can be done using hydrogen peroxide, salt baking soda or mustard.

Only safe methods should be used when making a dog vomit.
Prepare the area where you will be making a dog vomit

How to Make A Dog Vomit Safely

In most cases, vomiting in dogs is spontaneous. This occurs when the dog has issues affecting the digestive system. While this is the case, it is important to learn how to make a dog vomit if you own one as this could save their life. Induced vomiting or nemesis can be done to pets, dogs included in various instances. The aim is normally to make it through up some toxic substances or any other inappropriate substance.

Depending on the situation, this can be done at home or at the veterinarian’s office. Wherever it is done, it is important to first understand when it is appropriate to and when it is not. This leads us to the question; “when should I induce vomiting in a dog?” Below we discuss life-saving instances when it is okay to get a dog to vomit.

When to Induce Vomiting in Dogs

In most cases, the need to induce puking in dogs arises when they consume inappropriate material. This could be chocolate intoxication in dogs, human medicine, plants and such like items. These could cause the dog to be uncomfortable or have stomach upset. In such instances, it may be appropriate to induce vomiting.

Chocolate contains substances which dogs are sensitive to and which could make them sick.
Induce dog vomiting after chocolate consumption

Puppies are most vulnerable to ingesting inappropriate things and it is therefore important to keep them closely watched so you can know when and how to make them puke. Whatever the reason for making the dog vomit is, it should only be done if it is less than two hours since the toxic substance was ingested. This is because any time after that the substance will have been ingested and the induction will not be of any help.

When not to Induce Vomiting in dogs

Although nemesis can help save lives, there are instances where it could be retrogressive to the health of the pet. Some toxins should therefore not be caused to be thrown up. This is because their going up the system is as dangerous as they may be going down. When then should you not induce vomiting? Any time the toxin is acidic such as acid from batteries, caustic materials such as drain openers or petroleum products, do not undertake the process.

Another instance when not to induce it is where the dog is having convulsions, is in shock, depressed, unconscious or has difficulty breathing. Do not induce vomiting when the dog has swallowed something sharp or in instances where the directions for usage state that vomiting should not be induced if swallowed.

In addition to these, anything that may cut or bruise the dog as well as cause them tissue damage should not be forced up. Where you are not certain what item was ingested, it is best not to try inducing vomiting but instead contact the nearest poison control office for animals.

Induction of vomiting should be done within two hours of ingestion. Past this time, the dog will have digested the toxin and inducing vomiting may not be of much help. Having decided that it would be safe to go ahead and induce throwing up, how do you make a dog vomit? There are various ways to achieve this. These are discussed below.

Ways to Make a Dog Vomit

How can I make my dog vomit? You may be wondering. The use of hydrogen peroxide to make a dog vomit is the only recommended and safe method to induce vomiting. There, however, are other substances that can be used. These should be used cautiously and include:


Although not recommended, the use of salt to induce vomiting is common. This though comes with the risk of causing seizures, increased heart rate as well as causing a coma. These occur because of the resulting electrolyte imbalance caused by consumption of too much salt. It is therefore important to be cautious and only use recommended dosages. The emetic is best administered with the help of someone else. Here is how to make a dog vomit with this remedy:

  1. Using one hand, hold the jaw of the dog and tilt its head towards the back.
  2. While in this position, slide the hand that is placed around the jaw until you get your thumb on the roof of the dog’s mouth.
  3. Using the other hand, place the middle finger over the incisor teeth of the lower jaw and pull the jaw down.
  4. Have the person helping you place half a teaspoon of salt at the back of its tongue.
  5. Immediately this is done, release the jaw so he can close his mouth.
  6. When this is done, the dog should start vomiting soon. Watch it until it stops and ensures it does not re-ingest the puke.
  7. In case nothing happens for three minutes, repeat dosage.
  8. Where necessary follow up the induced follow up with a visit to the vet.

Once the dog has swallowed the salt, put something down because it is probable that it will create a mess around once it starts throwing up.

Ipecac Syrup for Inducing Vomiting in Dogs

This syrup has in the past been used to force children to vomit. It is available in some pharmacies but is a little hard to find since people with eating disorders have been known to abuse it. In case you can get it, give it to the dog using a syringe. The dosage is one teaspoon for dogs that weigh less than 35 pounds and a tablespoon for heavier dogs. This should only be given once with no repetitions thereafter.

How to Make a Dog Vomit Using Baking Soda

Making a dog puke with baking soda or soda crystals acts faster than salt. You will only need one teaspoon for half a cup of water. Make the dog sip this in tiny bits until it is over. Watch it through the vomiting process to ensure it is safe and calm it down using ginger tea.

How to Induce Dog Vomiting Using Mustard

Mustard Powder and Condiment Mustard are relatively safe for use as emetics. Vets do use it to expel ingested toxins. In some cases, they may let you to administer it to save your dog. Mix two teaspoons of mustard with water. Get the dog to swallow it and wait for the dog to start vomiting and watch over it as it does.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Make Dog Vomit

Although there are others ways on how to induce the process without hydrogen peroxide, the use of hydrogen peroxide for dog vomiting is the most recommended. Administering three percent of the remedy is an effective way of making it puke any inappropriate material it may have ingested. The method is safe enough for multiple administration in case the initial amount does not work.

  1. To begin with, feed the dog. A small amount of food will help. By eating, the ingested poison is diluted. This helps by delaying its absorption as well. It also helps by creating some padding on the rough edges of solid material thus ensuring the dog doesn’t get hurt when they puke.. A dog with an empty stomach will have it rough puking so food helps to make it easier.
  2. Using an eyedropper, get some three percent hydrogen peroxide to the dog. The recommended dose of the treatment is a teaspoon of the peroxide for every ten pounds of weight.

    Hydrogen peroxide is the only home remedy approved for use in inducing vomiting in dogs.
    Hydrogen Peroxide to make Dog Vomit
  3. This remedy can cause foaming and the dog may, therefore, require coercing to ingest it.
  4. To increase the rate of hydrogen peroxide metabolism, you can get the dog up and move by walking it for 15 minutes.
  5. Within a short time, the dog will start vomiting. This can be as soon as within five minutes. If the dog does not vomit within 15 minutes, give another dose. The dosage can be repeated twice or thrice with a period of at least five minutes in between.
  6. In case you are wondering how long it should take for hydrogen peroxide to make a dog vomit, this should be up to 30 minutes after administration. If nothing happens after this time, do not administer any other amount. Take the dog to the vet so they can administer a prescription strength emetic.

While using the methods on how to make a dog vomit recommended above, make sure you follow instructions given and in case of any concerns, consult your veterinarian.