Dog Tear Stains on White Dog Face, Puppy, Remover Products, Natural

Dog tear stain removal before and after
Dog tear stain removal before and after

Everyone one wants their best friend to have a uniform coat. This is not always the case as you might have noticed. Dog tear stains are common in bright coated dogs. Below we explore why dogs tear stain their fur and what dog stain tear remover products to use to get rid of the discoloration. We also explore how to get rid of dog tear stains on the face of white dogs and in puppies naturally.

Dog Tear Stains

Dog tear stains are brown or reddish marks that mostly run from the eyes of the dog. For some breeds, these are natural. Tear stains are quite common for dogs with bright coats such as poodles, dogs with protruding eyes as well as those with single coats. Before we explore various dog tear stain removal options and remover products, let us look at what causes them.

A tear stained dog
Dog tear stains

Why do Dogs Tear Stain their Fur?

In normal cases, tears from a dog exit through tiny holes known as puncta. At times, the tear duct could get blocked and this results in the production of excess tears; a condition known as epiphora. In other situations, the cause of epiphora could be inefficient tear drainage.

There also are some breeds that are predisposed to imperforate their puncta which in turn leads to chronic epiphora since drainage will be inadequate. When such corneal ulcerations occur, treatment by a vet will be necessary to keep the tear staining away.

While any dog may get these stains, there are some breeds such as poodles, ShiTzu, Bichons, Pekes and Maltese that are known to be tear staining breeds. These share some common characteristics. They will normally have eye sockets that are shallow or their rate of hair growth close to the eyes will be. Only in rare occasions will these be indicative of a medical condition.

Apart from being a cosmetic concern, dog tear stains are nothing dangerous. There are many removal products meant to clean up the face and fur so the dog can get rid of the eye discharge and attain a flawless color.

Dog Tear Stain Remover Products

There are a number of different dog tear stain remover products available both online and in walk-in stores. The best of these are those that do not contain Tylosin which is an ingredient that can be harmful to dogs. Some products that can help in dog tear stain removal include:


Tear Stain Center rates Tearplex as the best dog tear stain remover product for the year 2015. This they attribute to its ability to get rid of existing tear stains as well as deal with future stains. The products do not contain any ingredients that may be deemed harmful to your pet and can be used in both dogs and cats.


This comes in liquid form and makes use of minimal natural ingredients. According to the manufacturer, this product can give instant results. It also can be used to help in bettering the vision of your dog.

Angel’s Glow

This is a dog tear stain remover that is also effective for cats. It can also get rid of saliva stains and is known to target future stains as well. Although it contains Tylosin, its manufacturers claim that its concentration is dilute. This antibiotic should therefore not be used in the long run as doing so could cause a buildup of resistance which will render the dog tear stains hard to treat.

How do You Remove Tear Stains from a White Dog Face?

Tear stains on white dogs can give your pet an unattractive look. How do you remove tear stains from a white dog face? In case you are wondering “how do I get rid of tear stains from my dog” may it be a poodle, a maltese or a maltipoo, there are very many products available in the market. This is not all though as you can also learn how to get rid of the ugly tear stains using readily available products. Discussed below are some of the best tear stain remover for white dogs.

How to Remove Tear Stains from Dogs Using Proper Diet

At times, the brown discoloration that your dog is getting could be caused by a poor quality diet. Dyes in some foods could be causing the staining. Where this is the case, switching to a high quality option helps to reduce the tearing and eventually get rid of it.

To make use of food as a means of dog tear stain removal, switch to a premium diet and see if it helps. In case you opt for homemade raw diets, ensure it is well balanced. Feeding them preservative free kibble can also helping in boosting their resistance which in turn reduces staining.

White Vinegar Dog Tear Stain Remover for Dogs

White vinegar is known as one of the best tear stain remover for white dogs. Giving your dog some white vinegar will alter its body’s pH level and thus help in getting rid of bacteria as well as alter the deep color of the tears casing staining. It will also eliminate the buildup of yeast.

White vinegar should be consumed by your pet. Start by adding a 1/2 teaspoon of it in its drinking water and keep increasing the amount gradually. The dog may be put off and stay away from water if too much it is used.

Milk of Magnesia, Corn Starch and Peroxide Remedy for Dog Tear Stains

Use an equal amount of plain white milk of magnesia and hydrogen peroxide. Add cornstarch and mix until a consistent paste is achieved. Use this to work on the stained area and leave on for at least for hours. Wash the mixture off and condition. You should do this every two days until the stains go away.

Corn Flour, Water and a Drop of Bleach to get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

These ingredients make a great dog tear stain remover. Take caution not to get the ingredients into the dog’s eyes.

Cornflour for dog tear stain remover
Cornflour can be used to get rid of dog tear stains
  1. Use hot water to make a paste with a table spoon of corn starch
  2. Add to this a single drop of bleach and mix well.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool down and apply on the stained parts.
  4. Leave it to dry and rest for an hour before using a clean cloth and warm water to clean it up.

Puppy Tear Stains Removal

Puppies may be hard to contain. This can hinder the process of tear stain removal. If none of the methods discussed above is appealing to you, you can try the puppy tear stains removal methods discussed below. Be gentle when dealing with puppies to avoid hurting them.

Conceal the Puppy Tear Stains

Although this is only a temporary measure, covering up the puppy tear stains works out great. The only disadvantage is that you may have to keep doing it for your dog to have a stainless coat. Although not long lasting, it is safer than some of the other methods.

  1. Get some cornstarch and rub it on the stains. A pinch of it will help in lightening stained areas thus making them whiter.
  2. You could also make use of some face powder and cream that match the color of your puppy’s coat. Dampen the area first and then apply the powder. Use cream to help it stick. Once done brush the area off gently. Some of this will remain and this will help your dog attain a uniformly colored face.

Clipping Off Puppy Tear Stains

Where various methods do not seem to work and you are really determined to have a dog free of tear stains, you can clip them off as a last resort. Plucking the stained fur can also work out great.

Using guarded clippers, work carefully on the stained part. The same applies for the plucking. Clippers should only be used on a puppy’s face if it is tolerant to them. Never use scissors on the face as this could be a recipe for disaster.

After you successfully get rid of the tear stains, it is important to correct the cause to avoid recurrence. Avoid feeding your dog on things that may cause staining. Have any blockage to tears drainage corrected as well.

How to Clean Tear Stains on Dogs with Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs

While using a plain cloth and water may not work in getting rid of the stains, supplementing the same with an effective product can work. In case you are looking for ways on how to clean tear stains on dogs, you can achieve this by using hydrogen peroxide. Below is how to get rid of the tear stains on dogs using this popular remedy.

Hydrogen Peroxide Home Remedy for Dog Tear Stains

This home remedy can be used to wipe off tear stains on dogs.

  1. In a mixing bowl, mix equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water.
  2. Using a cotton ball, gently swab this solution over the stained are with great care not to get it into the eyes.
  3. Once done get some clean water and use it to get rid of any residue formed in the tear stain cleaning process.

Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs

In case you are looking for methods on how to get rid of tear stains on dogs naturally, there are a number of options. You can pick any herbal home remedies that have been known to be an effective natural tear stain remover for dogs. Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory components which help in eliminating inflammation caused by tear staining.

Calendula is a herb that is popular in treating wounds. It can help get rid of microorganisms that may grow around the tear stains. Eyebright which is also known as Euphrasia is also in a great way known to treat eye conditions. It can be used as an eye wash to help combat dog tear staining. Follow the normal herbal teas recipe and use it on your pet to get rid of dog tear discoloration.

Tear Stain Remover for Dogs UK

Before settling for any product, keep in mind the product should not interfere with the health of the dog in any way. It should also be convenient and efficient.

While dog tear stain remover wipes and pads may be an economical tear stain remover option, it is also time consuming. This is because it will be necessary to use it daily to get rid of the stains. The results are only temporary.

On the other hand, natural supplements are quite convenient since they are only provided once together with the food. These are quite effective in getting rid of tear stains that are existing as well as prevent more staining.

Whether you are looking for a tear stain remover for dogs in the UK, Australia, USA or any other country, it is important that before using any product you review the product. Check out the manufacturer details to see ingredients used and see if these contain any harmful substances.

Tylosin is an ingredient found in many tear removal products but which could have negative effects on your dog. Indulge your vet before using them and if necessary they may prescribe a product such as Angels Eyes. For the best results free of negative side effects, settle for products that are free from Tylosin such as Tearplex.