How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding Using Styptic Powder, Corn Starch, Soap and Identifying the Quick

Dog Nail Bleeding Quick
Dog Nail Bleeding

We all love our pets well groomed but this does not always go well. At times, a simple nail grooming session can lead to an injury to the pet causing dog nail bleeding. When this happens, how do you stop the bleeding? There are different first aid options that can help on how to stop bleeding at home. While this may come in handy in such cases, more important is learning how to identify the quick to avoid cutting into it. we get into the details of these as well as tips on how to avoid infections on a bleeding dog nail and when to see a vet.

Dog Nail Bleeding

Dog nail grooming involves trimming the nails to reasonable lengths. During the process, it is possible to accidentally cut your dog. This could be as a result of cutting the nails too short which results in a tear of the quick. The quick contains soft tissue and blood vessels. It, therefore, leads to excessive dog nail bleeding and a lot of pain on your pet.

Dog Nail Bleeding Quick
Dog Nail Bleeding

When this happens, the dog loses trust in the trimmer and future attempts may be met with resistance. To help the dog heal fast, it is important to treat the bleeding toe immediately.

It is likely that your dog will pull off immediately it has been hurt to cue you on the injury. Before we get into the details of home treatment, we discuss how to identify the quick to avoid the accidents in the first place.

How to Find a Dog’s Quick to Avoid Dogs Nail Bleeding

In most cases, clear and white dog nails allow you to identify the quick form in an instance. This though is not the case in dogs that have opaque nails. To make sure that you do not hurt your dog during nail grooming, it is important that you learn how to identify your pet’s quick to prevent dog nail bleeding.

  1. During the process, start the trimming by making small cuts on the ends.
  2. The more you move inwards the closer you get to the quick. You will start noticing greyish or whitish circles at the middle of the toes. These are an indication that you are getting close to it.
  3. When you get to a point where a homogeneous gray or pink oval shape appears on the top of the surface, you should stop the trimming. This is because it is at this point that you are likely to cut into the quick.

Although when trimming the nails is when your pet is most likely to suffer a nail injury, it is also possible for the dog to get into things that leave him with bleeding nails. These include when he is walking, playing, gets into a fight as well as in case he gets trapped in rough objects.

Other instances where your pet may suffer a bleeding or injured paw include after running, walking and swimming. Puppy nail bleeding at the base is especially common during these activities as they are yet to learn how to take care of themselves.

How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding

Whatever the cause for dog nail bleeding is, it is important to restrain the dog. You can use a leash or give him some treats to keep him settled. You could also calm him down verbally. This will help in reducing the bleeding as the more active he remains the more blood is lost. It will also help in reducing its aggressiveness so you can administer first aid in the best way.

Once the dog is nicely restrained, hold a clean cotton ball or piece of cloth on the affected part. This will help to ease the bleeding. Once the bleeding has reduced, withdraw the pressure and continue with any of the following home remedy treatments.

Potassium Permanganate to Stop Dogs Nail from Bleeding at Home

Like the other remedies, this as well comes in powder form that is made of purple crystals. It is known to be a natural disinfectant and is one of the most preferred remedies for stopping dog nail bleeding. To use it, you will need some cotton swabs and some water.

Potassium permangnate for dog nail bleeding
Use Potassium Permanganate to stop nail bleeding
  1. To minimize discomfort and prevent too much bleeding, you need to act fast. try not to panic and calm the dog down as well.
  2. Using the water, moisten the tip of the swab. It should only get moist but not dripping wet as the purpose is only to help the crystals adhere to the cotton swab.
  3. Dip the swab into the crystals and press it on the bleeding part. Hold this for about 30 seconds.
  4. When this is done, it is likely that the bleeding will stop almost immediately. In case this does not happen, repeat the procedure and hold the swab for longer which can be up to five minutes.
  5. Where the bleeding does not seem to reduce, take your dog to the vet for further treatment.

Styptic Powder Stop Dog Nail Bleeding

These contain anti-hemorrhage agents which help in contracting blood vessels. There also are Styptic pencils which are used for treating minor cuts and injuries in shaving. These are used for the same purpose.

There are various brands of this powder and they will help to stop bleeding. Some also have anesthetic ingredients that help to get rid of the pain that comes with the bleeding.

How to Apply Styptic Powder on Dog Bleeding Nail

This dog nail bleeding powder remedy is quite easy to use. Either of the methods mentioned below will work. In case a first application does not yield desired results, repeat the procedure.

  1. Hold the leg of the dog and using an applicator directly apply the powder on the bleeding area. Follow this up by applying some moderate pressure for at least 30 seconds.
  2. You could also set some amount aside and dip the affected foot in the powder.
  3. In case you settle for a styptic pencil, rotate it around the hurt nail. These contain silver nitrate which goes a long way in ensuring coagulation of blood fast. This helps a lot in sealing the cut blood vessels.

CAUTION: Styptic pencils contain silver nitrate which is likely to have a stinging effect on the dog. You should, therefore, expect your dog to show some discomfort after its use. It is also likely to stain things it comes into contact with such as countertops, carpets, and even skin. Use it carefully to avoid getting too messy.

Using a Bar of Soap to Stop Dog Broken Nail Bleeding

When a bar of soap is pressed the hurt area, it forms a plug that covers up the bleeding area. This way the part is prevented from bleeding further. After some time, the soap will dislodge itself by which time it will have done its work.

Soap for dog nail bleeding
Using soap to stop bleeding
  1. Take the leg with the bleeding nail and hold it close to the soap and ensure the dog is calm.
  2. Push the soap in such a way that the nail gets embedded into it.
  3. Hold on to this position for two to four minutes and then remove the soap by twisting it slightly.
  4. Observe if a plug has formed around the bleeding area and if it has not, repeat the procedure. You can tell if the soap has been effective if there is a soap plug on the hurt area and no more blood is seeping through.

Corn Starch and Flour to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding

Cornstarch and flour are other easy to use home remedies for a dog suffering a bleeding paw. These help in forming a plug that acts as a blockage to the bleeding and thus helps in clotting.

  1. Apply the flour or cornstarch on the wound by sprinkling some directly to the bleeding area or dipping the hurt part in a bowl with some.
  2. Follow it up by applying some pressure on the bleeding area. Remember the pressure should not be on the paw but on injured part. Pressure applied should be moderate to avoid hurting your pet further.

This kind of first aid should be offered as soon as the nail gets broken to avoid too much blood loss. In case the bleeding does not reduce within 15 minutes, see a doctor. This would be indicative of blood clotting problems.

Super Glue for Bleeding Dog Nail First Aid

Once your pet suffers a broken nail, it is important to determine whether there is some loose piece left hanging after the fracture. Where the injury involves only some small end of the fragment attached, it is important to cut it off to prevent further damage. In case the broken nail is still well attached, some super glue can help to hold it together. This will also help in coagulation.

How to Protect Clipped Dog Nail Bleeding from Infections

While there are a lot of products that stop dogs’ nails from bleeding when cut too short, failure to take proper care for the wound could lead to infections. His is something that can affect your dog in the future and could lead to a deterioration of his health. As such, it is important to take care of the hurt nail to ensure it heals well. To achieve this, try the following:

  • Wash the injured leg area using an antibacterial soap. Once properly cleaned, rinse it off using some lukewarm water. Do not let the water be too hot as this could cause pain in the fresh wound.
  • Get some betadine and pour it on the broken nail and leave the treatment to air dry.
  • Follow this up with some antibacterial ointment on the exposed part of the paw.
  • Get some standard sterile gauze and roll it up on the paw. Proper bandaging of this area should be done using the figure eight method. Ensure you properly wrap the paw but do not tie the foot too tight as this could affect circulation.
  • Once the gauze has been properly installed, follow it up with a protective covering such as a self-adhering bandage.
  • In case your dog is in the habit of licking or biting bandages, you can use an Elizabeth collar on him to prevent it.

Tips on How to Avoid Dog’s Nail Bleeding

Apart from knowing what stops dogs nails from bleeding, it is important to know how to avoid clipping the nails too short. below are some tips for this.

Have a groomer clip your dog's nails
A professional groomer trimming dog nails
  • If you are overly anxious, scared or have no idea when or how to cut the nails of your dog, have a professional groomer do it for you. This will reduce the chances of you cutting into the quick. However, in case the dog appears distressed during visits to the groomer, do it at home.
  • In case you decide to be the one doing it, trim the nails regularly. The longer the nails grow, the longer the veins grow. This increases the chances of it getting cut and thus the dog becomes more prone to bleeding.
  • Clip your dog in the bathroom and have supplies that can help in stopping the bleeding close. If you can, offer first aid there too. This makes it easy for you to clean up just in case the quick gets cut.
  • Acquire appropriate clipping tools to ensure you do it right.

When to See a Veterinarian over Dog Paw Bleeding

With proper care which includes regular cleaning, disinfecting and a change of the dressing, the hurt area should heal with time and there will be no need to see a vet. However, this is not always the case. At times, you may try to stop the bleeding to no avail. In case despite your efforts the bleeding won’t stop and has not slowed down after 15 minutes, you should see the veterinarian for further treatment.

If days later the area around the broken nail appears red, is swollen and does not seem to be improving, visit your vet. These are indications that the area may have been infected. Also, take the dog to the hospital if he appears to be in excruciating pain and portrays other severe symptoms. This is most important as the dog could be having internal bleeding which is dangerous.