Home Remedies for My Dog’s Cough

Dog's Cough

The cough in dogs is a condition that, in most cases, is presented as a symptom of infections in the airways, heart problems or a cold. In any case, it is always advisable to visit a veterinarian to identify the cause of the cough and initiate the most appropriate treatment. Once you have started the medical treatment, you have the possibility of supplementing it with natural remedies.

Dog's Cough

The first thing you should do if you have not yet gone to the vet is to try to identify the cause. Knowing the origin of the cough not only allows you to start a specific treatment but also to know if your dog suffers a serious illness or not. Remember that it can be a symptom of abnormalities in the respiratory system or heart problems.

Until your dog’s cough has not completely disappeared, it limits physical activity. Excessive exercise can aggravate respiratory problems and cause an increase in coughing. So, try not to over-stress. Of course, do not completely eliminate the exercise, since it could trigger in a stressed out or anxious by the lack of activity. You must rest and keep as little physical activity as possible.

One of the most popular home cough remedies for dogs, also indicated by veterinarians, is loquat juice. Remember that there are a number of toxic foods for dogs, including avocado, so that any juice is not worth. You should try to take a glass of this juice, since its high content of vitamin A will strengthen your immune system and favor the mucous membranes, now damaged, of your airways. If you do not like the taste, take a plastic syringe, the ones that come with the syrups for children, and give it to yourself little by little. Do not force it since it could result in vomiting.

In addition, numerous studies have shown that vitamin C also strengthens the immune system of dogs. Thus, another home remedy for cough of your can is the supplements of this vitamin. Do not give him more because it could cause diarrhea in your dog. Similarly, leafy vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin C supplements your diet with a reduced amount of vegetables. Of course, consult your veterinarian first.

There are several medicinal plants that can help you as a home remedy, among them Echinacea and eucalyptus. Thanks to their expectorant, they favor the airways and relieve the cough of your dog. So, bring water to a boil and add some leaves of one of these plants. When you sleep, place a container with the mixture just emerging from the fire and cover your head, as you would, to breathe the vapor.

Finally, another of the most effective home remedies for your dog’s cough is coconut oil , since it strengthens the immune system, promotes energy and vitality and helps treat heart disease. Simply mix two tablespoons of this oil in your bowl of water and let it drink as usual. Similarly, cinnamon is another ideal supplement to treat cough.

Remember that it is advisable to check with your veterinarian before giving your dog any of these home cough remedies. In addition, you should not stop giving him the medical treatment, since the remedies should be a complement, not the solution.