Can I give my dog ​​ibuprofen?


Our dogs are our companions, most faithful and loyal friends, those who guard us at the foot of the bed when we are sick and we are wrong. In these situations many people choose to use the same solutions that we use human and begin to doubt whether they can give ibuprofen and other medicines for human use your dog. Do you wonder if you can give ibuprofen to my dog? You expose everything that is known about it and will explain it so that you can help your dog in the best possible way so hard for both these moments.

Before responding if you can give ibuprofen to a dog, we have to tell you that the first thing to do if your dog is not feeling well or have pain is to visit a vet of confidence so you can diagnose and give treatment for their ailment. Second, if despite medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which have been designed tested and marketed for human use, may become a health problem because of self-medication in the case of dogs which is not evaluated or tested, it could still be very worst. So, even without knowing if you can run you or not we must tell you that you should not give your dog ibuprofen.

If and are not advised to give a person a drug that has been prescribed for someone or when you have not supervised a doctor administering to a dog a medication intended for humans is, at least, unwise. Anyway, then explain the effects of ibuprofen on the dog to see if you can get some benefit of giving a dog ibuprofen.

How does a dog ibuprofen

The truth is that the information is from studies that have been done on the effects of ibuprofen in dogs are contradictory. It is well known that in cats is highly toxic, but the dogs there are differing opinions as it relies heavily on drug levels and weight of the animal. Ibuprofen is a very popular and effective drug to treat pain and inflammation in humans that is classified as non steroidal anti inflammatory.

However, despite occasional use to us for headaches or joint pain its use causes damage to the lining of the stomach and intestines. If we transfer this to the canine area to give ibuprofen stumbled upon a dog you can cause ulcers and other digestive problems that eventually can cause death. Therefore, in any case you should be given this medicine to a dog, let alone if there is no supervision of a veterinarian.

How does a dog ibuprofen

It may be the case that a veterinarian who has visited your pet prescribes taking a drug for human use such as aspirin or ibuprofen. In that case, you should ask exactly the professional on the amounts and time in which the dog must take medication. A veterinarian can establish the exact dose you can take a dog without having negative side effects on their health through milligrams of active ingredient that gives you and the dog weighing kilos. However, it is not a situation of assiduously, as animal health, professionals tend to prescribe other medicines intended exclusively for dogs, which are digested much, better and do not cause any harm to your stomach.