Can Dogs Eat Popcorn- Is Popcorns are good for them?


Popcorn is a type of corn which is made when head expands from corn kernel and explodes into the shape of popcorn. Popcorns contain a high amount of fiber, some kinds of minerals, and contain very little amount of calories. Butter, flavor or topping are added in popcorns for adding more calories in it. If you ask that can dogs eat popcorn then the answer is simple and straight “yes” because popcorn is not considered as a choking hazard for dogs. Popcorn has an irregular shape they are easily digested by the dogs. The salt and butter in popcorns are not good for dogs, simple and plain popcorn is best. Give popcorn to your dog once in a while, it does not add much to the dog’s nutrition.


Can Dogs Eat Popcorns?

This is a common question asked by many people and correct answer of this question lies in a way of preparation and also how it can be served. Popcorn is extremely healthy food for people as well as dogs. Air popped corn and flakes are also known as high nutritional value. Popcorn is a great source of natural fiber, which improves the dog’s digestive system and also easing the movement of waste materials through the intestines.

Popcorn also contains small levels of the Vitamin B and thiamine; these both things are useful for digestion and maintain the high energy level of dogs. Unseasoned and fresh popcorn is also provided protein as well as iron. Dogs derive more advantages from meal naturally but in small levels of protein from popcorn are not so beneficial for dog’s health.

Benefits of Popcorn for Dogs

  • Actually, Popcorn has a huge amount of nutritional value and also has a lot of mineral essentials.
  • 100 Grams of popcorn has almost 2.7 mg of iron as well as 300 to 350 mg of phosphorous.
  • Iron in popcorn is very effective for dogs. Iron is important for dog’s blood and bones.
  • Phosphorous in popcorn is helped to maintain the power and strength of teeth and also bones.
  • Popcorn contains calcium which is good for bones and teeth of your dog.
  • Popcorn is low in calories which be good and also popcorn rich in carbohydrates.

Precautions of Popcorns for dogs

Make sure that the popcorns are plain and simple then you will feed your dog on popcorn. Popcorn with butter and salt or any other flavoring is not good for your dog’s health because the high amount of fat and sodium intake may upset your doggie’s stomach. Also, take care that your doggie will proper chew the popcorn if your dog can swallow popcorn without chewing it, so it can get stuck in his throat and also difficult to swallow.

Kernels of popcorn may also stick in your dog’s teeth and gums, it may cause of gum’s sore, gums bleeding and infection of gums. One thing more that you should always remember, too much amount of popcorn intake can cause tummy problems in your dog and also cause a gastric problem.