Care for the dog’s

care for the dog's

Owners are very important when performing physical activity for dogs the best way to care for the dog’s  is to take a walk. We must design a program of activities according to the needs and routine pet at the beginning it is best to go slow, and will stretch the muscles that have been immobile. Eventually they will increase the rides increase the time, distance and outputs must be daily.

care for the dog's

It is essential to play with them play with the ball or throw the Frisbee, obviously after you have finished your ride. With this we look for rides, they are a routine for them. The dog’s eyes must be clear, bright, and free of dirt and without inflammation if there is any other feature not mentioned earlier, it is because something is not normal.

Like humans, dogs also have crusting which have to be removed every day we use wet gauze and passed from the inner corner of the eye outward. We cannot let the crusts accumulate for days, because it began to bother the dog and rubbed the leg, and can cause infections to the animal. There are some breeds of dogs and elderly dogs suffering from dryness in the eye and have trouble keeping moist eyes.

In these cases, it is necessary to go to the vet to recommend you the most suitable product for this problem, and obviously maintain strict hygiene. At the time, that any display anomaly in the animal’s eyes bloodshot eyes continuous scratching, stains or inflammations must urgently go to the vet to know what to do. You should never place any eye products, which are not recommended by the vet, as they can cause serious injury in the animal’s eyes.