Dog Behaviors After Boarding


Understanding Dog Behaviors After Boarding 

So you have finally booked that island vacation you’ve been looking forward to, and now you cannot decide on what to do with your dog? One option would be to take the dog along with you, but maybe the vacation destination isn’t pet-friendly or you just don’t feel like traveling with your dog. In such cases, you can consider dog boarding. Most people go for Kennel boarding but before you take your dog to a kennel, you should know that boarding kennel stress is a reality. Any change in the dog’s routine can cause stress in your dog leading to odd dog behaviors after boarding. When you take your dog to a new environment with unfamiliar pets and people, it’s only natural for him to feel ill and uncomfortable. The following points are worth noting and will help ease the stress, both you and your dog may experience, thus reducing dog behavior changes after boarding.

Preventing Negative Dog Behaviors After Boarding – Reduce Kennel Boarding Stress

Kennel staff: The stress experienced by your dog can be reduced with the help of the facility staff. How the kennel staff takes care of your dog can make a very big difference in how stressed the dog will be during his stay. This may range from treats and special social time, to not allowing the barking of your dog to get out of control. Social contact can also help ease the pain of transition. Going for a walk or playing retrieve has a great social effect that can’t be compared to running alone in a yard. Allowing many dogs to run together can be great for meeting both the social and exercise requirements of the dog, but this can sometimes lead to dog fights. The staff at the kennel should be able to stop most of these fights. Also, if your dog has any physical or behavioral problems, ensure you tell the kennel staff. This will help reduce the stressed dog behavior after boarding and also ease stress for the kennel staff.

Taking the dogs for potty breaksThis is another area that can result in emotional distress in some dogs, causing dog behavior changes after boarding. There are certain dogs that don’t like eliminating in their dog runs. Barking is a common issue with this kind of dog if he’s not taken out to potty regularly. Make sure that the kennel you pick will take your dog out to potty and not make him eliminate in his run. Some dogs don’t mind eliminating in the runs, but if your dog does not want to do this in his run, you should consider finding a kennel that will take your dog out to potty regularly, or risk him having odd dog behavioral changes after boarding.

Kind of exercises the dogs do: When the kennel staff tells you that they exercise the dogs, find out precisely what they call exercise. “To exercise dogs” is a common neutral term for taking the dogs out to potty.

In-Home Boarding – The Perfect Way To Prevent Odd Dog Behaviors After Boarding

Generally, kennel boarding isn’t the best option if you want your dog to have a great time while you are away. It takes time for the dog to get used to the kennel boarding and the stress associated with this kind of boarding is immeasurable. Some of the common signs of kennel stress include shivering and shaking, lethargy, pacing, lack of appetite, tail chasing, bed chewing, and excessive barking among others. This may persist even after taking the dog home from the kennel. The best way to prevent your dog from going through all these dog behaviors after boarding is by taking him for in-home boarding. In-home dog boarding services provide dogs with individualized attention, trips to the park, regular walks, and the chance to socialize with other dog pets in the household. They can also maintain your dog’s regular routine, including bathroom breaks, eating schedules, grooming needs, and daily exercise requirements. This way, your dog will be less anxious while you are away, and you won’t have to deal with some strange changes in dog behavior after boarding when you’re back. Even though the price is obviously a consideration with in-home boarding, how your beloved dog will be cared for in your absence is more important.

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  1. My dog was boarded for5 days & needed meds for stress colitis & is better. He now doesn’t come out of his cage & needs a doorbell ringing or unusual sounds to coax him out. Why is he suddenly doing this at home now?

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