Liver casserole with vegetables for dogs

Today we bring you a recipe for our canine pet it is called casserole liver with vegetables for dogs because the liver is one of the foods that they like and that more protein contains. We recommend cutting the liver in not very small pieces, so that your pet can find it perfectly on the plate. The ingredients are 400 grams of chopped beef liver, 2 carrots, 1 handful of peas, 2 cloves garlic olive oil. Pour a splash of olive oil in a pan and filleted garlic when browned adds the liver to go little by little and lay the sliced carrots along with peas.

vegetables for dogs

Add a glass of water and let it go little by little until the liver and carrots are tender; you can add some noodles or rice at the end this vegetables for dogs will delight your pet . Today we will talk about the canine language, which depending on the type of sounds emitted by the dog you can express your mood, your fear or pain among other things.

However, if the barking continuously or fast in intermediate tone means a state of alert, about someone who invades their territory if they are continuous in a low tone mean that they are prepared to defend themselves from danger. Continued barking without interruption occurs in dogs requesting company because they are lonely.

A greeting is produced by one or two sharp barks and short in intermediate tone and a sharp, short bark in a low tone it indicates that this annoying, if you make a short high – pitched bark, indicated surprise. When they feel a sudden pain, barking or howling high and very short and intense pain or response to something that scares you, it is in the form of repeated howls at regular intervals, if you want to play performed a ragged bark in halftone.