Dog ear cropping
Ear Cropping in Dogs

Dog Ear Cropping Styles, After Care, Cost

While cropped ears may give your puppy the look you desire on them, the procedure is painful and complex on a puppy. It is therefore important to have it done safely and properly for desired […]

How to wean puppies
How to Wean Puppies

How to Wean Puppies off their Mothers Easily

Below we discuss how to wean puppies at four and eight weeks, how to prepare puppy food, when the puppies should be weaned of their mother and when to introduce adult dog foods to puppies. […]

Administering kaopectate for dogs
kaopectate for dogs

Kaopectate for Dogs Diarrhea, Dosage and Safety

Earlier formulations of Kaopectate contained Kaolin and Pectin. New formulations though have changed and the two have been replaced with Bismuth subsalicylate. The brand names have not changed though. Kaopectate has mild antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and […]

Foods toxic to dogs
Foods Toxic to Dogs

Common Human Foods Toxic to Dogs

We all love our pets and would not mind sharing our sweet indulgences with them. However, there are certain human foods that are poisonous to dogs. Below we explore various foods toxic to dogs and […]