Dog Behaviors With Guests


Guide to Dog Greeting Behavior

The tendency to see our dogs as part of the family may cause us to forget that they are primarily animals and they behave based on animal instincts. It takes time and consistency to instil good dog behaviors with guests in your dog. Keep in mind that you are the only one in control when it comes to dog behavior around guests as both your dog and your guests will take their cue from you. If you do not guide your guests on how to approach your dog, or you do not manage your dog’s greeting behavior, the situation could deteriorate pretty quickly.

Managing Dog Behaviors With Guests 

Train Your Dog: Once you understand that dog greeting behavior only includes jumping because the dog wants to sniff your face when saying hi, it will be easier to train your pooch the preferred dog behavior around guests. It will take a little time, consistency and patience on your part, but the end result will be acceptable and calm dog behaviors with guests any time you are entertaining. To teach your dog what acceptable dog greeting behavior is, any time your dog jumps up to greet you at the door, keep your head up, hands on your chest and turn away until his feet hit the ground, only then respond with your usual affection and treats for good behavior.

Inform Your Guests: The behavior of your guests can also determine how successful your dog greeting training endeavours will be. If your guests are scared of dogs, your dog will sense it and respond to that fear. On the other hand, dog owners may unknowingly encourage poor dog behavior around guests by tolerating your dog’s excitement. It will be upon you to inform your guests about your efforts in training your dog to have good dog behaviors around guests, or keep your dog out of the way until the guests have settled in or left. A good way to manage dog behaviors with guests at the door is to get them used to hearing knocks on the door, or the doorbell ringing.

Keep Calm: One other way to manage dog behaviors with guests is to carefully monitor your own reactions to how your dog behaves. If you hit or shout at your dog when he comes to greet you in the best way he knows how, he may begin to fear you. When your dog’s conduct around visitors is an embarrassment to you or guests, gently lead him away and make a mental note to keep working on training him on how to behave around guests. If you tend to get excited when guests come over, keep in mind that your excitement will be echoed by your dog. Therefore don’t hold your dog’s manners around people against him.

Rewarding Dog Behaviors With Guests

Training your dog to behave calmly when guests come calling takes time and the end result is quite rewarding for both you and your dog. It makes it possible to enjoy having company without having to put your dog away, or worry about how your guests will react to your dog’s behavior.

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