Cat Wet Nose: Are Cats Noses Supposed to be Cold and Wet or dry and Warm?

Cat wet nose
A wet nose in cats

Whether you have a feline or canine pet, the nose of the pet goes a long way in telling its mood but can the same be said about the relationship between their sniffers and health? What does it mean when a cats nose is wet? Are cat wet noses normal? We explore the answers to these as well what it means when a cat has a wet nose and is drooling, dripping, has watery eyes and keeps purring.

Cat Wet Nose

Should cats noses be wet? Most pet parents have always taken a wet cold nose as an indicator of health but are cats noses supposed to be wet? A cat wet nose can be indicative of a lot of things. In the same way, there are many different reasons why they may get warm and dry. Whether the nose is warm and dry or wet and cold depends on various circumstances which we explore below.

Cat’s Nose is Wet, What Does it Mean when a Cat Nose is Wet?

Why are cat noses wet? This is a common question raised by many cat parents. While there are some problems that may cause a cat dry nose problem, it is also possible that the nose of your feline pet will fluctuate from dry to wet within the course of the day. This is caused by a number of environmental factors. This brings us to the question “what does it mean when a cats nose is wet?” we explore various situations that could lead to this below.

Environmental Humidity Levels Contribute to Cat Nose Wetness

A wet or dry nose is not necessarily an indicator of health. At times, the temperature and humidity levels in the atmosphere can cause a fluctuating nose status. When the weather outside is warmer than that breathed out by a cat, condensation will occur. This will lead to a cold and wet nose. On the other hand, it is possible to have a dry nose in the winter due to the reduced moisture levels. Cats that stay close to heaters may also have their noses warm and dry due to the effect of the direct heat.

A Cat Runny Nose Causing Wet and Cold Nose

A cat runny nose may be one of the reasons why your pet is experiencing wetness on the nose. When the nasal discharge being experienced is watery and clear, it is possible that there is nothing serious and it should clear in a few days. However, any thick and colored discharge should be of concern as your cat could be sick.

Moisture from Licking Resulting in a Wet Nose in Cats

Cat licking nose
Nose licking causing temporary wetness

Cats are known to self-groom quite often. This could cause temporary wet noses. In such a case, where the nose licking is not so consistent, the cat may have a dry nose which is perfectly normal.

After the licking, saliva may dry up fast depending on environmental factors causing the nose to dry up.

Injectable Fluids Overload Resulting in Cats Wet Nose

In situations such as when your cat is suffering a kidney failure, your vet may administer injectable fluids. This may be followed by an excessively wet nose in case there is a fluid overload. It is as a result of administered fluids being greater that the circulatory system of the cat can handle. Keep monitoring the nose after your cat has received this treatment and see a vet if it progresses too long.

Cat Wet Nose Purring and drooling

Purring occurs when a cat produces a throaty vibrating sound mostly to attract attention or invite contact. This occurrence is mostly associated with contentment. The same applies for drooling. When a cat is happy, it may tend to drool.

In most cases, these will see a production of moisture around the face area. These will lead to the cats nose getting wet. In such cases, drool should not be cause for worry. However, in case your cat suddenly starts eating less, drooling could indicate dental problems as opposed to relaxation and excitement.

Cat Wet Nose Dripping and Watery Eyes

At times, a cat’s nose may get so wet it starts dripping. Such instances when this happens is when it is being pet. The dripping may be accompanied by dripping and purring as well. These are signs of excitement on your pet. While all this is happening, it is also possible for the cat to get overly cuddly and affectionate.

Cat Wet Nose Sneezing and Watery Eyes

Most kittens will sneeze from time to time just like dogs and other pets do. The same occurs to nasal discharge and watery eyes. The causes for these are varied. They could be as a result of transient upper respiratory infections, infection or allergies.

Cat Wet Nose Kissing

Like discussed earlier, cats wet noses may result from a positive state of mind such as happiness. When this is so, a cat wet nose kiss will be a way of your feline pet showing affection. Whenever the cat taps their wet nose on you, they are comfortable around.

Are Cats Noses Supposed to be Cold and Wet or Dry and Warm?

Are cats supposed to have wet noses? My cats nose is warm, what should I make out of it? Should cats noses be wet or dry? These are yet another common set of questions depicting concerns from pet parents based on the moisture levels of feline noses.

Like seen above, there are many reasons why a cat has a wet nose. This though that not mean that a cat is all healthy. In the same way, a dry nose does not signify illness. Some cat breeds will tend to have a dried up nose when exposed to excessive sunlight. It is therefore advisable not to use the nose as an indicator of health status.

However, sudden changes in the wetness and temperature can be a sign that something is wrong. This is more so where it is also accompanied by other illness symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite and loss of weight. In such cases, it is best to have your pet checked by the vet.