The Anatomy of a Betta Fish

The Anatomy of a Betta Fish (with Pictures) Finnage Caudal Fin The fin at the back of the Betta, usually called the tail.   Caudal Peduncle Is where the Caudal Fin and the body meets. […]

Betta Fish

Meet My Bettas

Meet My Bettas Females:   Temoe: Temoe is my HMPK female, her name is Tahitian, meaning “The Sunrise”. Is a mother of one of my current spawns.     Sina: Partnered with Sinalei, Sina is […]

Betta Care

Diseases in Bettas

Diseases in Bettas The majority of diseases are caused by bad water conditions. If you take care of your water quality by doing frequent water changes, and house and care for your betta sufficiently, disease […]

Betta Care

All About The Betta Fish

All About The Betta Fish Origin Betta Splendens – otherwise known as Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish – originated from parts of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other parts of Asia. They lived […]