Dog itchy ears
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Dog Itching No Fleas, Why is My Dog Itching without Fleas?

Why is my dog itching without fleas? Itching is a common problem among pets. While it is normal for you to suspect fleas, they are far from being the only reason that causes skin irritation and itching. Here is a better understanding of why dogs itch without fleas and what you can do at home to offer relief. […]

Always visit the veterinarian when the dog keeps vomiting, appears lethargic or has blood tinged vomit. These may be indicative of serious underlying conditions.
Dog Health Issues

Home Remedies for Vomiting in Dogs

A healthy dog can be recognized by the good and strong walking, the wandering look, the wet nose and the willingness to play. When your dog starts to vomit, there’s something you can do to […]