kennel cough remedies
Dog Breathing

Kennel Cough Remedies – Natural Treatments

Every dog owner wants to see their furry friend happy, jovial and comfortable. A kennel cough can take that away. Read on to discover helpful home kennel cough remedies that will come in handy getting rid of […]

Dog Health Issues

Discharge from the Ear in Dogs

Dogs scratch at their ears and shake their heads at times. If you’ve noticed your dog shaking their head more than usual, you may wonder if there is something wrong. Are their ears itchy? Irritated? […]

Dog Health Issues

Dog Rubbing Face on the Ground

You may have noticed your dog enjoys rubbing their face on the corner of the couch. Or, you may spot them nosing about in the dirt, rolling and rubbing in excitement. But, are there times […]

Dog Health Issues

Dog has Swollen Lip

Does your dog have a swollen lip? Seeing your dog’s lips swelling can be a major concern. Is it an emergency? What may have caused it? Does it require treatment? There are a variety of […]

Dog Health Issues

Dog Chewing on Plants

Whether you have a new puppy or a curious labrador, you’re likely to run into your dog chewing on plants. Why does my dog chew on plants? Backyard and indoor plants can be tantalizing treats […]

Dog Health Issues

Causes of a Hyperactive Dog

We’ve all seen the Border Collie that zooms through an agility course with ease, or the excited Labrador chasing a ball. But when does lots of energy become too much? Why is my dog hyperactive? […]