Jack Russell Terrier Behaviors and Personality Traits

Guide to Jack Russell Dog Behaviors 

A fun loving strong-willed dog, the Jack Russell Terrier needs an owner accustomed to handling high energy dogs. Typical Jack Russell dog temperament requires proper training and socialisation as these dogs may become a nuisance to others. This dog loves digging, running, hunting and playing. It is a high energy animal that needs to exert this energy otherwise it will become restless. Common behavior of Jack Russell Terrier dogs is chasing after things which may include your neighbor’s cat. It may be advisable to keep your Jack Russell on a leash when outdoors.

Managing Jack Russell Dog Behaviors

Restlessness: Top on the list of Jack Russell dog behaviors is high energy. If not managed well, this can turn into restlessness which can result in the dog causing destruction around your house. The restless behavior of Jack Russell Terrier dogs can be reined in by ensuring that they get a lot of outdoor exercise. Take them out with you for your daily jog, especially if it takes you about forty-five minutes to get back home. If you are not a jogger, the Jack Russell dog temperament is also well suited to playing fetch or playing with balls for extended periods of time. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash when going outdoors or you may end up chasing after him the whole time.

Hunting Tendencies: The free spirit Jack Russell dog temperament will lead it to climb or jump over fences to get away. Apart from climbing, Jack Russell dog behaviors also include digging under fences to simply get out or to search for rodents. Give this dog ample outside space and provide it with a specific digging area. The Jack Russell is an intelligent dog that can be trained to dig only in the provided area. Instinctive behavior of Jack Russell terrier dogs is to chase any small animal that come across its path. Keep this dog closely supervised when spending time outdoors, and as mentioned earlier, keep it on a leash when taking a walk or jogging.

Willful and Aggressive: The strong-willed aspect of Jack Russell dog behaviors can be tamed or managed by a skillful dog breeder or a dog owner who understands the concept of ‘lead dog’. Without that, this dog is likely to display aggressive and controlling behavior even towards its owners. One has to be able to match this characteristic of Jack Russell terrier willfulness. Thankfully, with proper training and early socialization, the Jack Russell dog personality can be molded into a kind and friendly one. Ensure that visitors or children do not bully this dog as he is likely to let you know that he does not like it by reacting negatively.

Enjoying Jack Russell Dogs

Take a little time to understand Jack Russell dog behaviors before bringing one home. It will make it easier to relate to your dog and give it the attention it requires. Keep in mind that desirable Jack Russell dog behaviors can be developed in your dog through proper training. They are smart dogs and you may be amazed with the amount of tricks they can learn.