French Bulldog Behaviors


What are the best characteristics of a French bulldog?

The French bulldog breed is recognizable by its square head, large upright ears, flattened snout and round eyes. The behavior of French bulldogs is of a smart nature. These dogs are loyal, playful, happy, relaxed and lively. French bulldogs behave well; you can train the dog and make the dog your best pal. If you treat the dog well, the dog will treat you well too. Although, French bulldogs need authority, it’s the only way for the dog to keep being stable. French bulldog behavior needs to be tamed. The owner has to be strict, but patient and loving.

Learn 5 basic French bulldog behaviors

1. Mind of its own: French bulldog needs an authority figure. The behavior of a French bulldog is generally warm, but some cases may differ significantly. The dog needs a strong leader and the owner of the dog has to have the last word. If the dog feels that you are not firm enough or consistent, the French bulldog’s behavior will change and the dog may become unstable and bored which possibly could lead to snapping.

2. Loyal: This is a great behavioral trait of a French bulldog. They are loyal dogs and they respect their owner. However, the owner has to know how to keep the dog engaged and occupied. If you notice a sudden change in behavior of your French bulldog, it’s a sign that you may be doing something wrong. Remember, French bulldogs don’t need harsh tones, but certainly a firm hand.

3. Curious: This is yet another way in which French bulldogs behave. They are curious and always want to know what is happening around them. Along with being curious, they are loving and playful. Those are also behavioral characteristics of French bulldogs.

4. Almost non – barking dogs: Believe it or not, one of the characteristics of French bulldogs is the non – barking fact. They do bark, but rarely, which makes them great apartment dogs.

5. They get sick easy: This is not the best news. One of the less fortunate things about the French bulldog is the fact that they are prone to diseases. They get sick easily, so if you are thinking about getting a dog of this kind of breed, it would be wise to have a veterinarian nearby. And you must commit to taking care of this dog well, just like any other, but with more concern.

French bulldog behaviors that will make you fall in love with them

The distinct behaviors of French bulldogs are not to be dismissed easily. The dog is great, loyal and sweet, but you would need to exercise some caution before getting this dog. In order for diseases to be reduced to a minimum, the breeders should keep track of the bloodlines and genetic flaws, hence a thorough check-up of the person from whom you are buying the dog from would certainly not be a bad idea. If you buy a dog from someone who may not be qualified, you risk genetic diseases. Therefore, before you get a dog for yourself and your family, think about all the things mentioned and choose a dog accordingly. Not all people have what it takes to be a proud owner of a French bulldog. A French bulldog owner has to have a firm voice and present an authority figure. Think about these characteristics and behaviors of French bulldogs and then decide on a Frenchie!

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