Fox Terrier Dog Behaviors And Traits

Fox terrier behavior and personality traits

Fox terriers are of two main types, Smooth and Wire, with the main differences being their coat. The Smooth fox terrier is distinguished by a coat that is hard and smooth, and the wire fox terrier by a coat that has a somewhat dense and wiry texture. Both terriers are working breeds and are very outgoing, and they tend to be energetic and determined. They may be small but they are strong and sturdy. Below a few fox terrier behaviors and fox terrier personality traits have been outlined.

Behavior of Fox terrier dogs and their personality

Personality: In all the dog breeds the fox terrier breed is very curious, impulsive and intense. This breed loves the outdoors and must be kept on a leash or supervised at all times due to their independent, fast and agile nature, and hunting skills that makes them great chasers. Some fox terrier behaviors that make up its personality, are its stubborn nature and its sense of humor which is mischievous, and if indulged, they may take advantage! Fox terrier dogs are also fearless when challenged by other animals and they never back down. It is also a behavior of fox terrier dogs to at times do the challenging. This breed has good vision and hearing, and will always alert you when someone is approaching as they are quick to bark. Being bossy, lively, scrappy, and persistent are other qualities that can be used to classify fox terrier personality traits.

Behavior: Fox terrier behaviors are very similar in the two types. Although they may not always be suitable to have around children, they love to play with kids and are very loyal to their owners, but do not like being held. Due to their independent personality, it is a common behavior of fox terrier dogs not to get attached to people. They get possessive over their toys and food, and they have a healthy appetite which should be kept in check. Behavior of fox terrier dogs is also characterized by their love for digging, and they are known for their clever escapes. Although they aren’t big dogs, high fences dug deep into the ground is recommended if you want to be on the safe side.

Downside of fox terrier personality: The distinct fox terrier personality traits may be considered troublesome for some, and one will carefully need to consider lifestyle and family situations before getting this type of dog. They are very energetic and require a lot of exercise which should be done every day. When not given adequate exercise a fox terrier will come up with its own “fun” ideas which can be quite destructive. Due to their stubborn personality it may be difficult to train them, and one has to be very patient with them. If not properly socialized it is a common characteristic of a fox terrier to be stressed, and stressful conditions such as a child’s unpredictable movement can cause it to snap or even bite. They also don’t associate well with other animals in the house due to their strong hunting instinct. Such fox terrier behaviors commonly result in them being returned to dog pounds in order to bring back a sense of normalcy in the house. However, if these fox terrier behavioral traits suits your household, they may be the right pet for you.

Will the Fox terrier match your lifestyle?

Personality characteristics of a fox terrier will differ from one dog to the other. Fox terrier behaviors are, however, similar. Due to their personality, fox terriers need owners who are firm and confident to bring out their best. They also need plenty of exercise and training to be manageable, but if well cared for they can be loving pets.