Collie dog behaviors and personality traits


Understanding Collie Dog Behaviors

A collie, also commonly known as Lassie (from the 1950s TV series) is a very friendly and highly intelligent dog that makes a great pet. This dog breed is native to Scotland, mainly from the Highland regions. They generally have a sweet and gentle nature, but some Collie dog personality traits may result in problems in case its owner doesn’t identify and handle them the right way. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common collie dog behaviors and personality traits to help you care for your dog.

Collie Dog Behaviors and Personality Traits

They are highly intelligent and agile pets: Collie dogs are among the most intelligent dog breeds, and have been used as guard dogs, service dogs, and even search and rescue dogs. These dogs are easy to train, even though they can sometimes be stubborn. They will learn all the training commands fast and without any difficulty. Collies are very sensitive and highly observant pets. When treated harshly, they may get edgy and fearful. As soon as they’ve mastered basic obedience, these dogs should be allowed to proceed to more advanced training or take part in certain agility activities. These dogs should be kept mentally and physically stimulated always, since they can become agitated and destructive when they are bored, due to lack of sufficient amount of physical and mental inspiration. The lively Collie dog temperament makes it ideal for people with large families.

Very friendly dogs breed: Collies are friendly family dogs. They are naturally sociable dogs that enjoy the company of adults, kids and even other pets. Nevertheless, collies can be very suspicious of strangers. They will frequently exhibit strong protective instincts towards his family members, if he happens to feel threatened by strangers. They will bark but they aren’t aggressive. You can easily stop the development of negative behavior of Collie dogs such as shyness and aggression with the help of early and regular socialization. It will help the dog understand that new persons and new situations aren’t to be feared. Practicing positive reinforcement when the dog is showing signs of confidence can also help build their self-esteem and prevent timidity.

They have amazing herding instincts: Among the most well-known Collie dog personality traits is its great herding instinct. Originally, the herding instincts of these dogs were considered to be more important than their appearance and they were used to herd goats, sheep, and cattle. Currently, Collie dogs are bred for their beautiful look and sweet nature, though they still have their herding instincts.

Why knowing Collie Dog Behaviors and Personality Traits is Important 

Unfortunately, many Collie dogs end up in the rescue centers as their owners may not have considered all factors when it comes to caring for one. Also if you are thinking about adopting this dog breed, you need to do some thorough research on the breed before you commit, since badly bred Collie dogs can be very timid, nervous and highly susceptible to health complications. If you already have this dog, it is important to accept and understand the natural collie dog behaviors and personality traits, so you can provide your dog with the best possible life – something they truly deserve.

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