5 English Cocker Spaniel Dog Behaviors


Behavior of English cocker spaniel dogs

English cocker spaniel dogs are of medium size and are known to be happy, easy going and make good companions for families. English cocker spaniels are also often described as intelligent, robust and sturdy and they can be excellent with kids. This breed comes in two types: field lines English cocker spaniels and show lines English cocker spaniels. The field cocker spaniels are commonly associated with hunting while the show cocker spaniels are for conformation shows. They differ in appearance but both have similar behavioral traits. Below a few English cocker spaniel behaviors have been discussed.

5 English cocker spaniel behaviors

People oriented: Spaniels love being around people and always crave companionship and affection. When left alone for a long time they get unhappy and some negative English cocker spaniel behaviors may start to show. Some of these behaviors are barking, crying, and being destructive in general. Knowing that cocker spaniels are social dogs, having them accompany you when you go out, would certainly be a preferred choice rather than leaving them alone for longer periods of time.

BarkingBarking is a common behavior of English cocker spaniel dogs which can be a problem at times.They bark even when they are not alone. Cockers are always alert and will always sound the alarm whenever they see something, be it a bird, a biker, a cat, a car, or even another dog. It is important to train cocker spaniels to obey commands that require them to stop barking as this may be a nuisance to some.

Aggression: This behavior of English cocker spaniels dogs does not easily come about. What leads to aggressive behavior in English Spaniels is poor socialization which causes the dog to react with aggression and fear towards new experiences, such having visitors or other pets in the house.

Avoidance: It is important to train dogs, and cocker spaniel dogs are very easy to train especially if the reward is food. They will, however, exhibit avoidance behaviors, and in some cases retaliate. This is brought about by the fact that the cocker spaniel breed is very sensitive and will take it personally when treated harshly. Such English cocker spaniel behaviors should be avoided by using positive reinforcements.

Anxiety: English cockers are active sporting dogs and will, therefore, need a lot of exercise to burn excess energy. If not given adequate exercise spaniels tend to develop severe anxiety which results in them barking, howling at all times and destructive chewing.

English cocker spaniel behaviors are well suited for families 

The above mentioned and just a few of the many English cocker spaniel behaviors. These will vary from one dog to the other depending on how they have been trained and socialized. Cockers are among one of the best dogs you can have as a pet as they are loving and great with children. So if you are looking for a companion who is fun and social, then a cocker spaniel may be the dog for you.

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