Chihuahua dog Behaviors and Temperament


Understanding Chihuahua Dog Behaviors and Temperament

A Chihuahua is an extremely tiny dog that belongs to the toy classification. However, the behavior of Chihuahua dog breed is frequently based on the fact that they tend to act bigger than they actually are. They take themselves very seriously, even if that means standing up to much bigger dogs. Chihuahuas are loving dogs but they also have a reputation of having some challenging habits. They are fragile, but also like to jump, and this can be a problem, especially if they choose to jump off your kitchen counter. Basically, the behavior of a Chihuahua dog is shaped mainly by its environment. Here are some general points regarding Chihuahua dog temperament and behaviors.

General Chihuahua Dog Behaviors 

Very courageous dogs: A common temperament of Chihuahua dog breed is its frequently demonstrated courage. It’s not rare to for this dog to face a larger dog head-on. There are also cases where it shows signs of weakness, which many people find to be sweet and amusing. These dogs tend to get suspicious and bark loudly at unfamiliar people, particularly if they suspect any harm coming to them or their owners. As soon as you’re successful in getting this dog’s trust, he won’t have any problem approaching you and trying to get friendly with you. At this time, it’s important to establish the bond between you and your dog in order for you to enjoy his attention and loyalty to you as his owner. It’s also best that you adopt two dogs of the same breed so that they can play and socialize with each other. You’ll achieve this very easily because the Chihuahua dogs bond with each other fast.

Love being cuddled: One, among the good Chihuahua dog behaviors, is that they enjoy being cuddled. The warmth they get from this makes them feel secure and loved. Chihuahuas are also known to enjoy being in the sun, so much that you’ll frequently find them sunbathing. They will always carefully look for a spot and stay in the sun for warmth. When it isn’t sunny, these dogs will look for towels or a blanket and wrap themselves in order to be warm. Don’t expect your Chihuahua dog to go out to potty when it’s cold outside, particularly during winter months. It’s advisable to dress your Chihuahua dog accordingly during colder months. They don’t mind being dressed either.

Require basic exercise and training: Chihuahuas aren’t vigorously active dogs and are perfect for a person living in a condo or apartment, also is one of the best dog breeds for elderly people. In spite of the dog’s tiny size, they need to be walked on a regular basis. A large number of all Chihuahua dogs end up being obese, and this is mainly their owners’ fault. The Chihuahua’s responsiveness to training will rely on the individual dog and his lineage. Some dogs respond well while some don’t. Some can be trained out of wild behavior, shyness, anxiety, or aggression, but the original Chihuahua dog temperament depends on their genetics. Nevertheless, despite his temperament, the training needs to be regular and include a lot of treats, as well as positive reinforcement. Training any dog breed with harsh methods will often result in problems, and Chihuahua dogs aren’t an exception.

More on Chihuahua Dog Temperament 

Just like humans, Chihuahua dogs can also pick up behaviors and temperament patterns from their parents. However, for the most part, these dogs are loyal and can easily be trained. If you need to be certain about the behavior of the Chihuahua dogs you’re adopting, then check the certificates that accompany them, and get some direct information from the breeder concerning the background of the individual dog. After buying or adopting your dog, the Chihuahua dog behaviors will then mostly rely on you, and how you train the dog.

There is an amazing book wrote by Dogster (before Dog Fancy Magazine)  you can use as reference to know everything about Chihuahuas called “Chihuahua (Smart Owner’s Guide)”

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