Boxer Dog Behaviors and Personality Traits


Ready for Boxer dog Behaviors?

Boxer dogs may look a little scary from a far, but in fact they are very friendly and loyal to their owner. They are strong dogs and many personality traits of Boxer breed dogs are related to their strength. Boxers are muscular dogs that come in two colours – bridle and fawn, and their short coat is relatively easy to maintain. Boxer dogs maintain a puppy-like behavior their whole lifespan and their sometime clownish personality can be a lot of fun, but perhaps a little too much for some.

 Common Boxer dog Behaviors and Personality traits

Loyalty: Loyalty is a strong character trait of Boxer dogs. Boxer dogs are extremely loyal to the owner. They protect their home and the people that care for the dog which makes them reliable watch dogs. Their distinct “woo woo” sound will surely alert you to any suspicious activity. Boxer dog behaviors tend to be a little over protective, and they can be aggressive towards other dogs, in particular same sex, so they will need to be socialized from an early age to avoid any behavioral problems.

Playful behavior: Boxer dogs are very strong and fast dogs. They need a lot of exercise, so be prepared for long walks and plenty of running to keep your boxer happy. For boxers not to get bored and misbehave, mental stimulation is also important. They love to play and keep active, so make sure you teach them new tricks and make time to play. Boxers love to chew things so always have plenty of dog toys that he can play with. Boxer dog behavior is playful and fun, but you will need to keep up the entertainment.

Family loving dogs: Boxer dog behaviors can be challenging at times as they are full of energy, but they make great family pets and they love to be the the center of attention. Their playful personality makes them great with kids, and they tend to get along with other pets as well, but they need training. Boxers don’t respond well to harsh tones, but rather positive reinforcements and dog treats. This will have the greatest influence on the behavior of boxer dogs. However, they need strong leadership, as any slight hesitation will make the dog take control. Once they know their leader, they will behave accordingly, and you will have a loyal and well behaved dog.

How will you cope with the Behavior of Boxer dogs? 

Loyalty: Boxer dogs are full of fun but their playful behaviors and personality traits can be challenging for some. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to be their best, so if you aren’t an active type, this dog probably isn’t your best choice. Boxers are loyal pets and they will do their best to protect the people around them. Their puppy-like behavior makes them fun companions for life, but they need a lot of attention. Also boxers drool and snore a lot too, so keep that in mind if you are a light sleeper who doesn’t like extra cleaning! Make sure you are well prepared to handle the playful behaviors of boxer dogs, and carefully consider whether the activity level of Boxers suits your lifestyle.

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