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 Learn all about the behavioral traits of Beagle dogs

The history of the Beagle dog breed dates back many centuries, and they have long been associated with hunting, as they served as faithful companions of British hunters. The dogs helped during the hunt of rabbits, pheasants, quail and other small animals. Because of their exceptional scent they were used as scenthounds, and even today they are a common sniffer dogs at airports and other high security areas. The first beagle dog appeared in the fifties in a comic book by Charles M. Schultz. Until this day, the beagle dog has kept us entertained and they are now enjoying popularity as great companion dogs. They are small in size, but big in heart. Beagle dog behavior is of stubborn nature, but they are very intelligent. Some of their behavioral traits include love towards barking and charm.

Beagle dog behaviors unleashed – 3 strong personality traits

Stubbornness: Behavior of a beagle dog includes stubbornness which may be something worth noting. The behavior of beagle dogs is interlaced with love, affection, charm and many other small details which make them unique. They are ideal for life in an apartment. They are small and do not need much room. They love outdoor space, just like any other dogs. They really love to cuddle too which makes them a popular family pet. Their behavioral traits allow them to snoop all the time and they have an excellent sense of smell. It does not matter how well you have trained them, if they sense something that they like, you can call them as much as you want, but they will not obey. They love their owners, but the sense of smell is strong, and they just have to see what is going on. Stubbornness tends to overpower in the behavior of a beagle dog.

Barking: One of the most powerful traits of beagle dogs is the love towards barking and hauling. If you do not like these behavioral traits of some dogs, then do not get a Beagle dog, because if you do, this particular behavioral trait of Beagle dogs, may drive you absolutely crazy!  However, you will probably like some of the other characteristics of Beagle dogs, as there are plenty of good things to note about this dog breed. They are affectionate, and they do not like to be left alone. Beagle dogs love company, and they love kids too. If you neglect your dog, and leave it alone a lot, you may cause both the dog and yourself problems.The dog might start barking at other dogs and people without any real reason or show other bad behaviors. That’s why it is always best to keep the beagle dog characteristics and behavioral traits in mind, and make sure they are satisfied and well taken care of. Beagle dog behaviors require good dog training. Set boundaries and arm yourself with patience!

Hunting instinct: Another great behavioral trait of a beagle dog is that the dog loves to hunt, and is very fast and nimble. These behavioral traits are something that honors Beagle dogs, and they are well appreciated for that reason. These dogs are suitable for hunting smaller animals such as rabbits, raccoons and even foxes. The very best characteristics of a beagle dog is the dog’s sense of smell and nimbleness. This helps them in a hunting venture and makes their owners proud. Attitude traits of Beagle dogs are certainly not boring at all.

Understanding Beagle dog behaviors

If you wish to get a beagle dog, make sure that you give the dog plenty of affection, love, and care as they do not like to be alone. If you like to cuddle and spend hours outdoors, this is a dog for you. Beagle dogs are small and suitable for apartments. You will never be bored with this little friend, but you will need to train him well. Beagle dogs have many behavioral traits and make great companions, but before making the decision, have a good think about whether their strong behavior and personality suit your family and lifestyle in general.

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