Australian Shepherd Dog Behaviors and Traits

Australian Shepherd Dog Behaviors and Personality Traits Outlined  

Not a native of Australia, the Australian shepherd dog excels at shepherding animals as the name suggests. Common Australian shepherd dog behaviors include displays of intelligence, the love of physical activities which could involve chasing things, and the ability to learn tricks or tasks, depending on what their owner requires of them. One of the Australian shepherd dog personality traits that can be perceived as both negative and positive, is its ability to take the lead and control the environment around them. This behavior of Australian shepherd dogs may be a sign of boredom and can be managed through regular mental and physical stimulation.

Identify the main Australian Shepherd Dog Behaviors

1. IntelligentThe intelligent behavior of Australian Shepherd dogs can get it into trouble when not well managed. This dog loves to solve problems, and what seems like an obstacle to other dogs appears to be a challenge for the  Australian Shepherd dog. Also the character of the Australian Shepherd will cause it to see a fence as something to be jumped over and not as barrier.

2. Hard WorkingPutting in a hard day’s work is the normal behavior of Australian Shepherd dogs. Do not expect this dog to be content sitting in the driveway or in your apartment all day, that will lead to a very bored Australian Shepherd that will find ways to entertain himself, most of which will be destructive to you.

3. Easy To TrainOn the list of Australian Shepherd dog behaviors is its receptiveness to training. Its ability to learn through positive reinforcement is one of the Australian Shepherd dog personality traits which means that you do not need a firm hand when training this dog. This dog will not be content with basic training and will be willing to continue advancing to more complex training activities.

4. Active and PlayfulPlayfulness and the need for a lot of physical activity are some of the Australian Shepherd dog behaviors and traits that these dogs’ owners have to contend with. If you do not own a farm with animals to herd, you will need to find a way to ensure that he gets is fair share of physical activity to match his nature.

5. Great WatchdogAustralian Shepherd dog personality traits lean towards being very protective and this makes them very good watchdogs. On the negative side, the protective Australian Shepherd dog behaviors may cause them to behave in an aggressive manner towards guests it may not know. To avoid this, ensure that your dog is socialized as much as possible when it is still young.

How to bring out the best in your Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd dog is a beautiful animal that requires an owner who is not afraid to lead. If you want to appreciate the Australian Shepherd dog behaviors, put it to work or ensure that you have met its daily requirement for physical and mental stimulation. If not, be prepared to deal with destructive behavior. Not a dog to be kept too far away from its owner, the Australian Shepherd also needs a fair share of affection and attention. A socialized Australian Shepherd will relate well with children, but it is still advisable to keep their time together supervised.