What vegetables and fruits for his dog?

Pulses and other seeds can quite enter into the composition of dog food.
Beans, peas, lentils, sesame, fenugreek. In South America, working dogs on cattle fed these vegetables are rich in nitrates and fat. They provide insoluble fiber that improve colonic irrigation and destroy bacteria. Soak them overnight by adding a pinch of baking soda to reduce the cooking time before placing in boiling water as little as possible – with a little vinegar, lemon juice or apple juice to reduce the harmful effects cooking. Once the beans are cooked, add salt and a little oil. Fenugreek can be given raw, soaked or sprouted just as flaxseed.

vegetables for dog

Sprouts. Sprouts (alfalfa, fenugreek, flax …) are full of vitamins and minerals. Crush them before giving them. Sesame seeds. Such as flax, this plant is rich in oil. Crush the seeds to form a thick cream and oily. Dogs love is very digestible. You can mix and milk, three or four times a week, add one teaspoonful of grain for a medium sized dog.

If there were a vegetable to give, it would be grated carrots raw data that cleanse the blood and help eliminate worms. They would also be beneficial to the enamel of teeth and eyes (tonic). You can also cook in a little water, such as turnips, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes and other … Be incorporated into the cereal mixture. Parsnips and turnips can be used hot poultices on boils and swollen limbs.

The dog can he eat fruit?
Dogs eat the berries with pleasure. Juliette loved greyhounds lick grape juice. Walking in the woods, her dog Irish Wolfhound ( Irish Wolfhound ) sought where the raspberries grew wild for his mistress. I had a dog that was foaming, for its own consumption, the strawberry rows. His jaw detached delicate red fruit, and only them!

Walnuts and hazelnuts. Dogs love to open nuts, carefully putting aside the shells. It is better to crush him. For puppies and dogs lean, Juliet grinds nuts and add them to their milk.

Peanuts and almonds. Flour of raw peanuts is a good additive full of vitamins and minerals for cereals. Better to grind the peanuts themselves. You can also add the ground almonds, crushed with the skin, due to a teaspoonful few days a week for a medium sized dog. Similarly, as mentioned above, Juliette poured the powdered almonds and peanuts in milk for puppies and dogs too thin.

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