How to prepare for the birth of a litter of puppies?

Preparing for the birth of a litter of puppies. Whether you have intentionally crossed your dog or not, you need to prepare for the birth of the puppies. This involves not only caring for the mother but to establish adequate room in your house. Taking care of a litter of puppies is not an easy task and requires you to be prepared for it.


Take the mother to the vet and have it checked. The veterinarian may recommend happens vaccines and antibodies to the puppies through the milk. Know that gestation is 63 days, more or less, depending on the breed. Alert your veterinarian if the mother begins to give birth prematurely or if it shows signs of labor a week after its deadline.

litter of puppies

Sets a whelping box. This is usually a wooden box with low sides and sometimes a hinged door that acts as a ramp to the ground when the puppies grow. Place it in a quiet room and that may be in darkness. Place a tarp or blanket fabric under and around the box in case of accidents. The mother will give birth in the box (hopefully) and then clean their puppies too. Place sheets and a pillow case for comfort.

Encourages pregnant women to sleep and sit in the box regularly female. This helps you get used to being there. If you install a heat lamp, you can make more chances that she wants to be there and also help retain body heat pups after birth.

Investigate signals labor. Examples include loss of appetite, restlessness and sometimes vomiting. This can happen about 12 hours before active labor. You do not have to stay with her all the time since you could put unsafe. Sorry, please quarantine any male dog house, since they have the same instincts as a mother and could get jealous and attack puppies.

Is the slope of your dog when you go to labor. Puppies begin to rise about an hour after the commencement of labor. Keep monitoring on it but not bother; animals know how to care for their offspring instinctively. Depending on the race, it will take several hours before the entire litter is born.