Healthy vegetables for dogs

Although dogs are known as carnivores, including all species also need the benefit of a well-balanced diet. This includes not only meat but also carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. However, when fed to dogs with vegetables, is important not only to know what are the most nutritious for them, but also what are the safest. Not all types are beneficial or healthy for dogs.
healthy for dogs



Vegetable preparation
Before determining the type of vegetables that dogs can eat, first consider if the dog can and can not eat vegetables. If so, how should they prepare? Can you eat them raw, cooked or prepared in some way? According Dog Food Corner, dogs can not easily digest raw vegetables. Suggests cook or puree them for the animal to chew and process effortless.

healthy for dogs
Other plants are unsafe for consumption. Onions are not recommended for canine consumption under any circumstances. According to Dr. Wendy Wallner, DVM, garlic is acceptable in moderation to help prevent fleas and gases as a natural antibiotic. However, it can be toxic if consumed at high levels. Both contain thiosulphate, a component that can cause anemia, onions have a lot of this substance .
Benefits of plants
There are nutritional benefits for dogs when you add vegetables to your diet. Like humans, an excessive amount of carbohydrates and fats, for example, may affect the long-term health in terms of weight and lack of certain vitamins. The vegetables add fiber to the diet as well as vitamins and minerals essential for optimal health. They also contain a low content of calories, which mimics the importance of plants in human diets.

Dietary benefits BARF
The Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF diet called), have suggestions and guide appropriate and healthy food for dogs and cats. The philosophy aims to optimal nutrition, as is the tendency in humans. Meat is important in the diet of a dog, but the vegetables provide fiber for a healthy digestive tract, anti-aging benefits, excellent defenses against cancer and essential fatty acids. These dogs can not get from other foods.

Plant beneficial
Some types of beneficial plant to balance a dog’s diet. White and sweet potatoes are excellent choices, which provide sources of carbohydrates and vitamins. Carrots are good for the dog’s vision. Spinach is rich in vitamins and iron. Alfalfa helps digestion. Cayenne pepper is known to improve the circulatory system of the dog. Celery calms the nerves. And the following plants are known to fight tumors and cancer, some taken into account in studies of laboratory are: broccoli, celery, carrots and cayenne pepper.

Vegetables and dog food brands
If vegetables are not available, what dog food is packed health benefits of vegetables? There are some brands that offer vegetables at meals, but it is important to choose wisely. Orijen is an option, which also adds fats that dogs eat in their natural habitats. Wellness is known for its vegetable dried and canned varieties, except corn, used as a filler. Pedigree offers a variety of dried vegetables and Lams is a canned product.